25 Bizarre Japanese Halloween Costumes

Need some ideas for a Halloween costumes? The Japanese have crazy imaginations when it comes to costumes and we have the 25 most bizarre of them all. Although the Japanese might not celebrate by going trick or treating in the neighborhood, they obviously spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear. We can not imagine how these people think of these things and where they get their ideas from.

Amazing Things You Didn't Know the Human Brain Could Do

The human brain is so vast and complex in the things it can do that researchers admit they still do not fully understand how it works. Even though we think that we were all born with the same brain, we cannot assume that is the truth. Even if we were born with the same brain, every little interaction we have with our environment and our bodies have within itself, changes that alter the brain matter itself.

Funniest Pug Reactions of All Time

Pugs are the funniest creatures. They have a cult following of owners and dog lovers who will go to the dog park and celebrate the fact that pugs exist. They will put tiny dog shoes on them, hats, or clothes. An interesting thing about Pugs is that due to their breading, their eyes and facial expressions can be the most bizzare.

Famous Instagram Animals

These days people spend a lot of time deciding on what kind of pet they want. You would assume that they spend so much time because they want to choose wisely for their family, their living situation, the amount of exercise the animal needs, etc. however, with the new obsession with Instagram famous pets and animals, people have chosen their pets solely because of the animal's potential for Instagram fandom.

Most Dangerous Cities in California

When you think of California, you think of the Hollywood sign, the sunshine, the surf, and the tan blondes in bikinis. What you might not realize is that there are places in California that are among the most dangerous cities in the country. There is rampant drug use, gang violence, high speed chases, drive-by shootings and more.

Quirkiest American Cities

Americans are weird creatures and with such a large amount of land to inhabit, you can find quirky and odd cities abound. Some of these places have yearly festivals celebrating the strange. There are all sorts of funky fresh activities in these places.

Why Dating in San Francisco is a Totally Different Game

San Francisco used to be a place for those who did not fit in anywhere else. It was filled with artists, musicians, free love, experimental creatives, poets, and those who loved to be around it all. With the influx of social media companies and young millionaire millennials came a huge amount of money, expectation, and entitlement. When you are trying to choose someone to date from the San Francisco population, you might be surprised to find that no one is coming up to you and asking for your number. Instead, they are mesmerized by their cell phones and text messages.

25 Products that Every Spoiled Dog Needs to Have

Having a dog can be a huge responsibility. With all of the added tasks piling up on your to-do list and the amount of sleep you no longer get because you have to wake up when the dog does, sometimes it is best to just buy your dog's love. A spoiled dog is a happy and relaxed dog. There are so many places that have specialized dog treats and cater specifically to those dog owners with some extra disposable income.

21 Homeless Signs That Make You Laugh

A life on the street is not a laughing matter. For whatever reason people find themselves without a place to sleep inside they use their creativity to come up with a solution. It is this same creativity that they make their "donation" signs. This is a list of the most entertaining and unique signs we could find.

20 Super Realistic Tattoos

Lots of people get tattoos. Some of them would definitely make you think twice. You wouldn't beleieve the kind of tattoos some people get.

What Your Choice of Cat Says About You

EVERYONE loves cats. Lets face it. This is the internet after all. Studies have shown the cat you choose says alot about you as a person.

Disney's Annual Flower and Garden Festival

Everyone knows disney for disneyland. Some people even know it for disneyworld. Not everyone knows about their garden festival

14 Shopping Hacks to help you Save Loads

YSome poeple shop online. Some prefer in store. No matter who it is there are hacks to help you save lots no matter wher eyou shop.

12 Look-Alike Celebrity Parents and their Kids

Some celebrities look just like their kids. some look different. Thse are some of the most stunning ones.