The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in California


berkeley california dangerous city

Perhaps you’re a native to the state or visiting for the first time. For your amusement and safekeeping, we have put together a list of cities that we consider the most dangerous with specificity on what to look out for in each one. With everything from meth to gang violence, we’ve summed it all up with the 10 that stand out the most in this sunny state.

The mellow, student and hippie vibe of the town wouldn’t immediately set off our personal alarm system unless we were Republicans. However, the environment with a myriad of students coupled with a population of people who earn their living begging on the street is a recipe for all sorts of thefts and burglaries. According to the, Berkeley has a property crime rate of over 55 per 1,000 residents. The statewide average is more than half than that with 26 per 1,000 residents. A simple Google search for crime in Berkeley California will pull up results for violent crimes as well on a regular basis. These statistics don’t cover the amount of cars that get broken into near the campus or the amount of violent crimes. For more information, visit and if you’re a student, always watch your belongings and use a buddy system when walking around the UC campus at night time!


hayward california dangerous city

As a former door-to-door salesman in the telecom industry, I was always told to never judge a territory just by looking at it. I was told there was no such thing as a “bum territory”, only that there was “bum in the territory”. This was mere company manipulation to make sure I would pitch people wherever they sent me. From first hand experience I can tell you, Hayward is the land of credit fails. Credit fails if not related to entrepreneurial investment are correlated to high crime areas. Feeling uneasy pitching in grungy looking neighborhoods, I got the feeling that people’s homes may have been broken into on a regular basis. After shleping for days there and not making money, I saw statistics on say that property crime was a skyrocketing high. I believe this is suggestive of the residence in this area as well which puts Hayward at number 3.