The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in California

Santa Rosa


Typically known for its wine country, the quaint rural town wouldn’t have made the list until deeper investigation was made.regarding its sex trafficking problems.With tourism from individuals looking to taste fabulous food and wine, comes the demand for an industry to supply entertainment in the form of companionship. A search on Yelp for motels in the area will bring about a myriad of complaints regarding police action at those sites regarding prostitution. The industry gone unregulated and abundant makes this city increasingly more dangerous for females.

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What could go wrong in a city that’s got mountains covered in snow, 3,000 residents and just about 60 miles from Sacramento City? A lot, actually. 36 crimes took place in just a year, and the crime rate is at a staggering 12.26, especially when you take the population into consideration. If you’re thinking of traveling here for the holidays, make sure it’s a choice you’ll be living with.