The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in California


Typically known for its wine country, the quaint rural town wouldn’t have made the list until deeper investigation was made.regarding its sex trafficking problems.With tourism from individuals looking to taste fabulous food and wine, comes the demand for an industry to supply entertainment in the form of companionship. A search on Yelp for motels in the area will bring about a myriad of complaints regarding police action at those sites regarding prostitution. The industry gone unregulated and abundant makes this city increasingly more dangerous for females.

nevada city california dangerous city

What could go wrong in a city that’s got mountains covered in snow, 3,000 residents and just about 60 miles from Sacramento City? A lot, actually. 36 crimes took place in just a year, and the crime rate is at a staggering 12.26, especially when you take the population into consideration. If you’re thinking of traveling here for the holidays, make sure it’s a choice you’ll be living with.

Santa Cruz

santa cruz dangerous city

Santa Cruz may have all the nicest beaches. Yet, the crime rate for every 1,000 residents is 9.7. 550 crimes took place within this city in just a year too. That’s not exactly reason for you to ever want to risk going here just so you can have a good time now, is it?



When I was given the news that my terrible ex roommates who had trashed my house had found an apartment in Richmond, I couldn’t have been more overjoyed. I was filled with excitement at the statistical likelihood that someone would break into their new home to steal their belongings, the same way that they stole kitchenware, cleaning supplies and furniture from my home and trashed it before they left. The idea that these disgusting individuals were so much more likely to be mugged or jumped on their commute to work, made me not as angry to clean up the horrible mess they left for me. The statistical likelihood of my roommates snudy girlfriend, who would stay at the house, rent free, and hang out there when no one else was, and on top of that constantly play hair salon with dangerous chemicals in our only bathroom, to be assaulted was more likely than the national average. This filled me with almost a sick and maniacal laughter. And after all, I knew that rent control in Richmond was more biased in favor of landlords, so it was a possibility that after a month or two, they would get a 30 day notice to pay an inconceivable amount for rent and would regret treating me so poorly as a result. All in all, super sketchy. and I’m happy that they are all there.

San Francisco

San Francisco dangerous city california

San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in California. It’s also one of the most dangerous, with your chances of becoming a victim to crime being 1 in 18. It’s got 820,000 residents here, although none of them would ever want to be anywhere near the Tenderloin. It’s a neighborhood which has become a lurking ground for all of the most hardened criminals in the state.

San Pablo

san pablo dangerous californian city

San Pablo is known as “the city within the city.” It also happens to be pretty near Richmond, a rather dangerous city in its own right. If you’re living here, you’d have a 1:17 chance of being on the evening news, thanks to some pretty violent crimes. If you’re visiting a friend, dread the fact that you can only access this city through BART, and it’s not anywhere you want to be in.


redding dangerous city california

Redding has earned its spot on Forbes as the 5th most dangerous city in the US, specifically for women. It may be known for the gigantic sundial on the bridge, but how else are you going to tell the time when you’re getting wrist watches stolen? Reports of rape also rise up to 66 incidents for every 100,000 people. That’s already quite a staggering number, considering that the population is only at 183,000.

West Hollywood

west hollywood dangerous city california

Also known as WeHo, this is also known as the gay community of Los Angeles. It’s also the center for all LGBT-related activities and movements. Yet, it is on this list because every resident has a 1:18 chance of becoming a victim in a crime. Yes, even in such a community, hate crimes still happen.


oroville dangerous city california

Oroville is home to what is practically the largest dam in the whole world. It’s got around 15,000 people living in it, but if you’re thinking of becoming an addition to the community, think again. It’s got a 14.81 crime rate and 218 incidents being the highest number that has taken place in this city. Every year, there’s something bad going on, so it’s best that you stay away from this place.


straight outta compton dangerous city california

Compton has been referenced many times in numerous rap songs by The Game, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. These “gangsta rap” artists certainly makes it known to their entire fanbase that this is a city that’s not to be trifled with. It’s got 14:13 crime rate for the 93,000 people that live here. Hence, anything bad can happen anytime, from drive-by shootings to drug-related crimes.


vallejo dangerous city california

Vallejo is probably the city with the most population in the entire San Franscisco Bay portion of California. It’s got Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which makes it a city that’s rife with tourists. Yet, there’s also a 1:18 chance of residents becoming crime victims. Hence, the tourists may be coming in for the attractions, but the locals are running away from the dangers they face in their daily lives.

San Fernando Valley


Known for being a more quiet part of the Los Angeles area, filled with the typical suburbs and a touch of the adult entertainment industry, we recognize the San Fernando Valley as a rising star for gang related crimes in the year of 2015. The LAPD says that violent crime rose by 11.3% in the year of 2014 and the gang crime by 8%, bringing the quaint little suburban city to an all time height of danger.


fresno dangerous city california

In 2013, British Broadcasting Corporations’ own Louis Theroux dubbed Fresno “The City Addicted to Meth” in his short film documenting life in the armpit of California for one of the world’s known most abused hard drugs. Fresno Police Department members have said that over half of reported crime in the area is meth related, everywhere from selling and dealing to domestic violence and murder. Because of the incredible drug problem, Fresno is known to have the largest drug rehabilitation facility in the state of California, known as “West Care”, an overall telling detail of why Fresno makes our list of dangerous cities at number 5. Read more:

San Bernardino

San bernardino dangerous city california shooting

San Bernardino is located in the southern part of California, practically being on the border of Nevada. For every one thousand residents, crime rates go up to 66. Despite the fact that it’s home to a number of consulates, it doesn’t make it any safer. If you find yourself in this city, know for a fact that you just might find it very difficult to find safety and shelter, or even a way back into other cities in California.

Arvin City

arvin city dangerous california

Arvin City seems like a pretty chill town, especially since it’s also quite small. However, its crime rate is the polar opposite. 187 crimes took place in Arvin back in 2010, and that’s enough reason for the 15,000 residents to want to move out. It’s just north of LA, so if you’re trying to live life in the danger zone, come down here. Just make sure you live to tell tales of your travels here.


Eureka California Dangerous City

The name may sound rather friendly and inviting, but don’t let that fool you. The truth is that Before you decide to move in to Eureka, you should know the facts. There are 71.21 residents of 1,000 that have experienced property crimes. There are also 5.79 people out of the same number which have been victims to life threatening circumstances. Your chances of falling prey to these crimes are also a scary 1 out of 13. Still want to move in here, then? Don’t worry, it’s got nothing on this next popular Californian city.


merced dangerous californian city

Regarded as one of the most quaint and boring cities in California, a lot like Fresno, it sits in the middle of the 5 Freeway and no one really wants to go visit. The quality of inactivity and lack of excitement throughout, the excitement is made up by the amount of crime that goes on instead. According to the FBI, 1 out of 24 people in Merced will be subject to violent or property crimes with a particular focus on a sexual assault problem in the city. For being extremely boring and crime ridden, Merced earns our Number 2 spot.


bakersfield dangerous city california

Bakersfield, generally speaking, is a child-friendly town. Yet, it’s got its fair share of danger lurking about. As a matter of fact, for every one hundred thousand people living in this area, there’s about 20 rapes, 7 murders and 576 crimes of violence taking place. Not the kind of place you’d want to take your family to for a vacation.


emeryville dangerous city california

Emeryville isn’t the biggest town in California. In fact, there’s just 10,000 people living here. However, when you compare that to the 12.54 crime rate, it can be quite a lot. Not to mention, there were 981 property-related crimes and 128 crimes of violence reported back in 2010. Just because it’s 2016 already doesn’t really change a lot of things; this is still a pretty deadly city to live in.

South Central Los Angeles

south central los angeles is not a safe town in california

Despite also being near a highly regarded university campus, USC that is, South Central Los Angeles is known for being a very dangerous city. A recent suggestion of human trafficking has been made in the recent disappearance of 19 year old, UC Berkeley student, Eloi Vasquez, last month when he was last seen at a party near the USC campus. This individual who was not as familiar with the area as residents typically are could have been subjected to many dangerous activities that led to his disappearance. This story, along with notorious crime that happens in this area to begin with puts South Central Los Angeles at spot number 6.