Santa Rosa


Typically known for its wine country, the quaint rural town wouldn’t have made the list until deeper investigation was made.regarding its sex trafficking problems.With tourism from individuals looking to taste fabulous food and wine, comes the demand for an industry to supply entertainment in the form of companionship. A search on Yelp for motels in the area will bring about a myriad of complaints regarding police action at those sites regarding prostitution. The industry gone unregulated and abundant makes this city increasingly more dangerous for females.

nevada city california dangerous city

What could go wrong in a city that’s got mountains covered in snow, 3,000 residents and just about 60 miles from Sacramento City? A lot, actually. 36 crimes took place in just a year, and the crime rate is at a staggering 12.26, especially when you take the population into consideration. If you’re thinking of traveling here for the holidays, make sure it’s a choice you’ll be living with.

Santa Cruz

santa cruz dangerous city

Santa Cruz may have all the nicest beaches. Yet, the crime rate for every 1,000 residents is 9.7. 550 crimes took place within this city in just a year too. That’s not exactly reason for you to ever want to risk going here just so you can have a good time now, is it?



When I was given the news that my terrible ex roommates who had trashed my house had found an apartment in Richmond, I couldn’t have been more overjoyed. I was filled with excitement at the statistical likelihood that someone would break into their new home to steal their belongings, the same way that they stole kitchenware, cleaning supplies and furniture from my home and trashed it before they left. The idea that these disgusting individuals were so much more likely to be mugged or jumped on their commute to work, made me not as angry to clean up the horrible mess they left for me. The statistical likelihood of my roommates snudy girlfriend, who would stay at the house, rent free, and hang out there when no one else was, and on top of that constantly play hair salon with dangerous chemicals in our only bathroom, to be assaulted was more likely than the national average. This filled me with almost a sick and maniacal laughter. And after all, I knew that rent control in Richmond was more biased in favor of landlords, so it was a possibility that after a month or two, they would get a 30 day notice to pay an inconceivable amount for rent and would regret treating me so poorly as a result. All in all, super sketchy. and I’m happy that they are all there.

San Francisco

San Francisco dangerous city california

San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in California. It’s also one of the most dangerous, with your chances of becoming a victim to crime being 1 in 18. It’s got 820,000 residents here, although none of them would ever want to be anywhere near the Tenderloin. It’s a neighborhood which has become a lurking ground for all of the most hardened criminals in the state.

San Pablo

san pablo dangerous californian city

San Pablo is known as “the city within the city.” It also happens to be pretty near Richmond, a rather dangerous city in its own right. If you’re living here, you’d have a 1:17 chance of being on the evening news, thanks to some pretty violent crimes. If you’re visiting a friend, dread the fact that you can only access this city through BART, and it’s not anywhere you want to be in.