10 Quirkiest American Cities -- Does Yours Qualify?

Welcome to Rip City.

Coined by the National Basketball Association for its home team, the Portland Trailblazers, it lives up to a reputation of being rather unorthodox. You won’t find the usual traditionalist perspectives here, as everything simply goes against the grain, from the food to the locals’ personalities. You can also taste coffee for free at places like Coava.

New Orleans, Louisiana

welcome to the big easy...

Having a more laid back and relaxed nature doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, the easy going ways of this place lends itself to a ton of quirky stuff going on, such as the infamous street parade known as Mardis Gras. Besides, who isn’t the least bit curious about voodoo culture?

Baltimore, Maryland

"The Greatest City" in America?

The nickname may be debateable, but a lot of the natives in Baltimore, Maryland tend to agree. It’s got a certain “outsider” status which it wears on its sleeve proudly, attained from attractions such as the American Visionary Art Museum. You can also look forward to Atomic Books, of which director John Waters is a frequent visitor.

Austin, Texas

The liberal city of Texas...yes, really.....

Armadillo races, chicken shit bingo games and the wackiest bars around… How can it not get any quirkier than this? Austin, Texas certainly is weird and fun at the same time.

Kansas City, Missouri

Thrifty, No-Nonsense and a Whole lot of Fun too…

Kansas City, Missouri may not be the most well known among the states in the U.S., but it’s got a whole lot to offer. You’ll find your fair share of museums in here to learn all about the history. Coffee lovers should also enjoy visits to Oddly Correct.

San Francisco, California

Whatever you do, DON'T call it 'Frisco

San Francisco, California certainly has an identity of its own. Come on, this is where hippie power originated from, after all. If you want to talk about quirkiness, visit the Castro, which is essentially the “gayborhood” of America.

The Big Apple itself

Only seen in New York City

You can’t really go wrong with New York City. There’s just so much flavor in here, from the Street Performers featuring the Naked Cowboy to Queens’ Elevator Historical Society Museum. There’s practically everything for everybody.

Seattle's, Washington

only seen in seattle

It’s already pretty iconic thanks to one of the many coffee chains all around the world, Seattle’s Best. It’s also a dog lover’s haven, with a lot of pet owners walking their canine buddies around everywhere you can look. You also get giant trolls made out of stone, nude cyclists and restaurants which are pet-friendly.

Providence, Rhode Island

The Home of H.P. Lovecraft…

That fact alone should show all the quirkiness you’ll ever need. Providence, Rhode Island was the birthplace of famed author of weird science fiction horror tales and novels. It’s also got its fair share of oddball historical figures. However, if you’re looking for a bit more than historical significance, head to the Big Nazo Theater. Visual performance artistry at its best can be found here.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bugs Bunny said it best… Albuquirky

Albuquerque, New Mexico doesn’t fall short of the eccentricities. For proof, get lodging at the Hotel Parq Central, which was a former psychiatric hospital. If that isn’t enough, get your fair share of faux-meth riddled donuts at Rebel Donuts. And seriously… Breaking Bad, anyone?