12 Celebrity Parents their Look-a-Like Kids

The children always take after their parents. From their physical appearance to the way they act or move, you will sometimes think that they are almost twins. Here are some of the celebrity parents who have kids who look, if not exactly, then a little bit like them.

Ava sure has her mommy's features. That blonde locks, accentuated cheek bones, and those eyes are like Reese's. Who knows, maybe she can be casted for the remake of Legally Blonde, where Reese had became famous for. Well, it's definitely possible.

Cindy Crawford and daughter Kaia

Kaia was definitely playing in her mom's closet. Well, to make the obvious thing obviously  obvious, they look alike. There's no surprise there because the paparazzi always mistake Kaia for her mom Cindy when shopping or walking down the streets. Sometimes, mommy Cindy and daughter Kaia would pull pranks for the press and dress alike for them. You would definitely be confused thereafter.

David Beckham and son Brooklyn

Brooklyn sure has his dad's strong facial features. Although there is a lil' Victoria there too, this boy would definitely look like David when he grows up. And I bet every girl cannot wait long for this.

Tina Fey and daughter Alice

From  the expression and the way she dresses up, Alice is without doubt, and definitely the daughter of Tina Fey. I hope that she has her mom's humor too because it would be awesome that they'll both star in their very own mother-daughter comedy sitcom. Better cross your fingers for this and make a wish on a falling star that this will happen!

Brangelina and son Shiloh

When I say caught in between, I mean Shiloh having a 50-50 cross of Brad and Angelina. He has his dad's eyes and her mom's lips. Is there anyone close to perfection than he is. Well done, Brangelina for giving us this little man who will be your legacy.

Tom Hanks and son Colin

This father and son tandem definitely has our heads turning from left to right. I'm sure Colin was a young Tom once and Tom was an old Colin once. Wait, what, now I'm confused!  Nevertheless, we love them both we wish that more Hank babies will fall from the sky and fall in the depths of Hollywood films.

Kate Beckinsale and daughter Lily Mo Sheen

Another duo wherein a daughter has her mom's face. Except for that smile though, without doubt that this is Underworld's lead actress' daughter. Hoping that she could also be in a vampire movie like her mom.

Uma Thurman and daughter Maya Hawke

Even though she has her father, Ethan Hawke's name, Maya is definitely more of an Uma. It's definitely highlighted on her high cheek bones and that pursing and strong eyes. They're both beautiful, worth remembering, and they are definitely on my list of a strong parent-kid bond.

Will Smith and son Jaden

How could you even split the two? I don't even know. The father and son starred in two movies: an inspirational themed "The Pursuit of Happiness" and the fictional "After Earth." It was then a magical moment for the two because they worked perfectly in sync. Will and Jaden inspires each other to perform their best in movies. Awww, how sweet!

Kim Zolciak and daughter Brielle

These photos would not even pass for a mother-daughter picture. They look like sisters or better yet twins! From the blonde hair and the facial features, they really seem identical. Not to mention that they have the same taste for fashion. Now, it's up to us how could we distinguish the two.

Nicole Richie and daughter Harlow

Nicole had rehab issues but she's now trying her best to be the better person and be a better mother for her mini-me Harlow. They have been featured on Nicole's very own TV reality series "Candidly Nicole." It was obviously observed that little Harlow has that small stature and that doe-eyed feature of Nicole's.

Bette Midler and daughter Sophie Von Haselberg

Another mother and daughter who almost look like sisters. They are even identical to measure up those features of Sophie which are completely a carbon copy of Bette's. From the eyes, to the nose, to the smile, need I say anything else? Nonetheless, we adore them.