12 Weirdest Instagram Posts Ever

Instagram is one of those social media sites where you can post pictures and share them with everyone in the world. It's a great site to keep yourself updated with family and friends. You could post either the most memorable events in your life like prom or graduation or something usual like food or your OOTD (outfit of the day). But, some people take it to another level and believe me, either these posts will make your brows furrow or make your mouth drop.

How much do you love Sponge Bob? Well, if you're into wearing the character's merchandise, bet you couldn't get more fanatic than this person.

Too much publicity going on there

Kids these days are so ready to make their private lives public. Dear parents, don't be shocked when your kids make their very own porn movie. Whooray! They won't be unemployed after all!

Got stabbed?! May I suggest that YOU GO TO A HOSPITAL FIRST

Weirdness definitely counts if you'll first take a selfie after getting stabbed. Of course, you just have to post everything that happens to you, right?  By golly, what has this generation come to?  Puppets.

Sad fellow got nothing to do

Oh yes, I would love those B. Franklins. Oh wait, who's that hairy guy behind 'em?  Does he come along with all the Benjamins too?  Oh well... Small price to pay.

The man who thinks he can make his selfie a hit on Instagram. Well, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT!

Yup. Same face, same smile! We get it, we know who you are. Uhm, actually, what's your name again?

If you had never played Mario, you had no childhood.

The day Lindsay Lohan decided to learn the Arabic language

It's okay Lindsay. At least you've learned your lesson.  Unless you really wanted us to think that you were a jackass all along.  In such cases, we totally agree.

The day Khloe Kardashian tries to make a point

I still don't get it.  I don't get how you can say something like this.  After all, you are the exact target audience this post is talking about.  You blind, woman?

Where's the friggin' picture?!

She definitely made the effort in writing her post. Respect! But we still want the picture.  For proof of truth to your claims.  Nothing more, we promise.

The Deep vs. The Shallow

How would they ever understand each other?  They're not even in the same wavelength here.  Good luck getting a proper conversation out of that, guys.  Clearly no chemistry going on in here.

Grandma's not asking for it but they give it

Kids, if you love your grandma, please don't do this. Look at her face! Does she look happy?  She's not a gold digger! Unless you're using all of that to pay for her hospital bills, then go for it.

Grandma's boy just love his Nana too much

Oh, don't be such a game pooper.  Your grammar skills make you look like the arse here.  What a butthead you are.  People on Instagram are just going to think you're an ass.