If you had never played Mario, you had no childhood.

The day Lindsay Lohan decided to learn the Arabic language

It's okay Lindsay. At least you've learned your lesson.  Unless you really wanted us to think that you were a jackass all along.  In such cases, we totally agree.

The day Khloe Kardashian tries to make a point

I still don't get it.  I don't get how you can say something like this.  After all, you are the exact target audience this post is talking about.  You blind, woman?

Where's the friggin' picture?!

She definitely made the effort in writing her post. Respect! But we still want the picture.  For proof of truth to your claims.  Nothing more, we promise.

The Deep vs. The Shallow

How would they ever understand each other?  They're not even in the same wavelength here.  Good luck getting a proper conversation out of that, guys.  Clearly no chemistry going on in here.

Grandma's not asking for it but they give it

Kids, if you love your grandma, please don't do this. Look at her face! Does she look happy?  She's not a gold digger! Unless you're using all of that to pay for her hospital bills, then go for it.