15 Most Painfully Awkward Celebrity Pictures With Their Fans

Olly Murs is getting friendly....er

Those flashy flesh got Olly Murs real good. Even if he's not looking while signing "it" he's definitely feeling it. Talking about a really awkward situation, this one is definitely killing it. He's lucky that she did not ask for her other junk to get signed. Sorry lady, Olly's really running out of excuses.

Being Chloe Jenner's guardian angel...

When Chloe Jenner said she needed a body guard, it was a different kind of body guard she received. This dude is really trying to get too close to Chloe and it seems like she's about to tell him to "f*ck off." In whatever case, it's better to get a restraining order before the situation escalates. For the meantime, where are her f*cking body guards?!