15 Most Painfully Awkward Celebrity Pictures With Their Fans

When Kanye is thinking "WTH"...

The same old Kanye, who seems like he has all the problems in the world on his shoulders. When these guys  took a photo with him, he did not even know what was happening. He was busy trying to think a solution about how and where to spend the million dollars he got from selling his album. Quite frankly, he really doesn't give a sh*t to what anyone's doing around him.

Worse than the mugshot, right JB?

This is definitely an awkward smile coming from Biebs. It's one of those days when he's not high and he's aware of his job as  a celebrity. He's definitely thinking about retiring after years  of service in Hollywood. And to think he's that cute and hot, his insides are quite the opposite. Congratulations, girl, you just ruined JB's day.