15 Most Painfully Awkward Celebrity Pictures With Their Fans

Celebrities are human too. Yes, they're like you and me -- they don't look all glamorous in every photo, especially when they're caught off guard by their fans. Don't believe us? See for yourself!

Of course, not only fans are grabbers, some celebs are like that too. Take Rihanna in this photo, she just went nuts with those boobies. How she wished her melons would feel like that too. Some tears were shed and some tips were shared. Thank you, awesome girl, who made RiRi realized that she has to get some implants.

"Surprise, RiRi!!!"

When Rihanna was not ready for a photo, her face exactly looks like it. And, it is as if she's about to make a run for it. This will definitely cost her some serious image questioning from the media bashers. And it's all thanks to this guy who just snapped this weird pic of her looking like that.

When Kristen Stewart tries to be joyful about this...

Kristen is a bit tricky-pricky. Whether she's happy, sad, angry, or emotional, it's the same face she pulls off every time. But, she's very happy hugging one of her fans and taking a picture with him. She's happy to smell that sweat coming from his tee. All we know is that she's happy and that's all that matters.

When Jon Stewart made a point with a single finger...

This Asian dude is doing the peace sign that Jon was not familiar of. Instead, he does on eof his own signature gesture to show that he's happy to take a photo with this guy. He sincerely hopes he's not offended by doing this. He just had a rough day and well, this is what he gets paid for, sarcasm.

Worse than the mugshot, right JB?

This is definitely an awkward smile coming from Biebs. It's one of those days when he's not high and he's aware of his job as  a celebrity. He's definitely thinking about retiring after years  of service in Hollywood. And to think he's that cute and hot, his insides are quite the opposite. Congratulations, girl, you just ruined JB's day.

Lady Gaga with fellow monsters

Lady Gaga is just too thrilled to pose with her fellow monsters. Well, we always think she is, but I guess not this time. Although this is some awkward look she gave us, at least, she tries. Well lil' monsters, I guess mommy is too tired to play games. Better let her rest or else you'll really see what a true monster is like.