15 Most Painfully Awkward Celebrity Pictures With Their Fans

Suddenly, there was a battle of the chins.

When Emma Watson showed some chin, her fan was not able to resist to compare his chin with hers. Suddenly, there was a competition of some sort and well, we know who won it for sure, the FAN! Are you kidding me, with those newly-razored beard and those extra fats beneath, Emma does not stand a chance. It's a unanimous decision from all the judges of the contest. Sorry Emma fans!

When Nicholas Cage can't wait to sleep...

Who could get any luckier than her? She's just seated beside Nicholas Cage who seems too enthusia...sti...zzz  to have a pic taken by his fan. The real question is, why is he not flying first class. Well, I guess he's too sleepy to answer that question. I hope this woman give him some sleep but well, we can see she's all smiles. Sorry, Nicholas, no sleep for you in the next five hours.