15 People Who Surprisingly Look Like Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters have a queer way of melting (or burning in some cases) our hearts. Sometimes, we often wish they were real people. If cartoon characters have amazed you on screen or on TV, what would you if you meet one in real life? Yes, REAL LIFE. Take a look at these 15 people for example, who seem to have been taken out from the animated world.

If there is a real life grandpa Carl, of course there is a real life Russel. Awwww, this calls for shrieks and pinches when you see this cute and adorable fellow. He decided to dress up like Russel and this is what he gets, tons of attention. But, most importantly, we hope that he never loses his GPS this time.

Leela of Futurama

After having a plastic surgery, this girl looks like Leela of Futurama. With that blown up lips, I'm sure she is having a fit looking at the mirror and taking a selfie. Luckily, she has two eyes to be different from the cartoon character. But poor her, spending thousands of dollars to look like this. It's just too sad.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Too bad for this boxer who got defeated in his match. Also, too bad that he got compared to Quasimodo after sustaining that blown up eye after the fight. Well, we're sorry that we're not sorry to put this up in our list. But seriously, wouldn't you want to be the next big thing in Broadway after you retire in your boxing career?

Boo of Monsers, Inc.

Another cuteness from one of our favorite cartoon movies of all time. This girl decided to be Boo one day and voila, she looks exactly like the cartoon character. Those pigtails, big bright eyes, and that cute smile really did it. She even have her own Mike Wazowski and Sulley Sullivan.

Linguine from Ratatouille

This guy looks like Linguine with those curly and messed up locks. This would be more awesome if he has also a little chef on his head pulling his hair. But seriously, in reality, when you spot a mice in your house, the first thing you would think is a mouse trap and not friendship. The important this is, he looks like a cartoon character which made him land in this list.

Grumpy Cat looks like Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda

Oh yeah! Even the most famous cat in social media has his fair shares of look alike. Grumpy Cat is now being linked to Master Shifu of Kung Fu Panda. This is only when Shifu is of course, grumpy. But could you see the similarities between the two from those brown fur around their eyes and the long whiskers?

Carl from Disney's Up

Who would have thought that there is a real life Carl amongst us? From top to bottom, this grandpa looks exactly like Carl of Up. We sure hope that he's not as grumpy as the cartoon character. But whatever, this is too good to miss.

Cartman of South Park

Oh yeah, this dude does not know that he looks like Cartman. Maybe, he does not know anything about South Park. Luckily, we did and this is awesome. Except for this dude's height, everything seems to be in place.

Remember Al from Toy Story

Who could forget the sneaking thief/collector of limited edition toys from Toy Story? We sure hope that this guy is not like the cartoon character at all with respect to his attitude. We can tell that this is a 100% look alike, right? Well, we sure hope that there are also real life Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Peter Griffith from Family Guy

Another one of those moments when you scream "wow"! This guy nailed the Peter Griffith look and he did not do so in purpose. That divided chin is the proof that Mr. Griffith really exists. It would have been more awesome if he has an entire family of the Griffiths.

Linda Hunt looks like Edna from The Incredibles

Everything about this actor screams Edna from The Incredibles. Did someone told her that already? From the stature and looks, she nailed it from top to bottom. Who would have thought that a celebrity can also look like a cartoon character? If only she utters "dahling" every now and then, Linda would truly be Edna.

Beavis, in Beavis and Butthead

They always say that one's looks are very dependent on the genes of the parents. This is the reason why we are like broken pieces of mom and dad's faces. Sometimes, we don't look like our parents at all. Sometimes, some of us look like famous people or celebrities. But the most interesting of all is that some of us look like our favorite cartoon characters in the movies or the TV show.

Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers

Well except for the bangs, this woman really looks like Linda. That hair flip is really the take-away. If this woman knows that she looks exactly like a cartoon character, surely she will change that hairstyle of hers immediately. She does not seem enthusiastic and joyful like Linda. But at least she also says "alright" quite a few times.

Dora the Explorer

"Where are we going?" This girl who looks like Dora seemed lost because she is missing something. What would that be? She forgot her backpack and Boots is nowhere to be found. Talking about having a bad day, this Dora is not up for adventures and road trips with the gang.

Hercule from Dragon Ball Z

Who could forget that arrogant and scaredy cat superstar from Dragon Ball Z that we super adore? We sure hope that only the looks are copied by this guy. Otherwise, nobody will dare to sit beside him in the waiting line. That fluffy black hair and mustache are definitely Hercule's.