15 Reasons Why Going out on Dates in San Francisco is Totally Different

15 Reasons Why Going out on Dates in San Francisco is a Totally Different Experience

The dating game is one that is totally unpredictable and exciting. Some dates may work out, others won’t, but nonetheless it will be something to remember. If you’re looking for something totally different, however, you might want to check out the dating scene in San Francisco. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be going through traditional stuff.

The grocery store is a place for picking up dates, not actual groceries.

Want to meet interesting folks?  Forget about the bars, then.  Shop for essential items and get to know folks who may share the same interests as you.

Don’t get too attached --- your date might be moving someplace else.

San Francisco natives seem to be heading to different places.  Someone you're dating may no longer be around the following week.  Hence, don’t your guard down just yet, unless you want the heartbreak.  It only means more dating adventures for you down the line until you meet "the one."

For the most part,  communication is all about text messaging.

With everyone being so busy and always on the go, the only way you could ever maintain a proper relationship with someone you’re interested in is by texting. As hard as this would be for traditionalists, it's nice to keep communication lines open and keep the romance up even when you're not exactly far apart from each other.  It may also lead to some rather interesting situations *cough* sexting *cough*.

Hiking can be considered a date.

Forget candlelight dinners; being one with nature in the company of someone you like is where it’s at. Besides, movie dates are pretty much overrated.  High time to get some romance in the great outdoors.

Chivalry is non-existent.

Okay, we take back our previous statement.  Nobody goes through the effort of being a gentleman anymore, when all you can do is just really be yourself.  There are the feminists as well who want to be treated equally.   Yes, this includes even paying for your dinner.