Hiking can be considered a date.

Forget candlelight dinners; being one with nature in the company of someone you like is where it’s at. Besides, movie dates are pretty much overrated.  High time to get some romance in the great outdoors.

Chivalry is non-existent.

Okay, we take back our previous statement.  Nobody goes through the effort of being a gentleman anymore, when all you can do is just really be yourself.  There are the feminists as well who want to be treated equally.   Yes, this includes even paying for your dinner.

You might end up dating a nerd.

Nerds are cool, mind you.  Truth is, they get you fascinating in stuff you probably didn’t really pay attention to: comic books, science, movies, art, etc.    Talk about higher learning of a different kind, eh?

There’s a chance your previous date knows the person you’re currently going out with.

Let’s face it --- they’re either bros/gal pals or have slept with each other. San Francisco isn't exactly a small place, but it isn't big either.  You'll probably be introducing your girlfriend to a buddy of yours whom she may or may not have slept with already.  Talk about awkward, but it's all in good fun.

Your date will immediately link up with you on Instagram and Twitter

The dating game is one that is totally unpredictable and exciting.  Some dates may work out, others won’t, but nonetheless it will be something to remember.  If you’re looking for something totally different, however, you might want to check out the dating scene in San Francisco.  One thing’s for sure, you won’t be going through traditional stuff.

Everybody’s casual.

Forget about getting a suit and tie, or a cocktail dress. San Francisco is where laid back dating happens, and you’ll be glad about it.  Say goodbye to society's pressures.