15 Summer Bummer Beach Fails That Will Definitely Make Your Day

The red is definitely his color.

Well, this dude has definitely raised awareness for those seekers and he made himself available by wearing that slinky red spandex brief. It has a cute pink heart on his butt and it definitely snatches your eyes. At the end of the day, this guy will definitely have numbers lining up on his phone awaiting for a beep. Unless, of course that he's actually gay and that will break a lot of hearts.

You have to know the dog's territory.

Summer is almost over and some of us are sad that it is. If only time would stop and if only it could be summer all year. We will definitely miss the sand, the sea, the volleyball, the sun, and what will be left is our tanned summer-kissed skin. Whatever the case is, people are always looking forward to that time of the year that they don't have to  think about their problems in life because they let the waves crash them down. However, despite of the fun that we had this summer, some of us just had too much fun, either intentionally or accidentally. And thanks to  these people, we could say that our summer vacation could fail us sometime.