15 Summer Bummer Beach Fails That Will Definitely Make Your Day

Summer is definitely that body size discrimination that is always happening in the beaches. Like this warning upon entering the nudist beach, this is just so rude. However, there are just reasons that are beyond people's understanding. But, we all know that this discriminating signage will definitely crank up some chubby people's temper.

Pool in the beach?!

Uhm, do these kids know that they were going to the beach? Well, maybe they do and they just to be sure, they brought their own pool. There are just so many people in the beach and what they want is a place of their own. Well, it's true that kids are a lot smarter than adults nowadays.

Dude got stuck in the winter.

This dude cannot let it go. When we're celebrating because it's summer again, winter is not over for this guy. He even made a protest by wearing his winter gear and ski set. But at the end of the day, he realized that whatever he does, he can't bring winter back. So, what he did was ski over the sand and tries to picture it as snow mountains. Poor guy!

"I told you  my seat won't let me go!"

Guys would definitely think about their hunky bods after seeing these two hot chicks pull out the fat dude from his chair. This may not seem right to the most of you but yes, these chicks dig fat boys and sorry to tell those who are working out. Fats are now in and steroids are out. But too bad for this guy, his chair just won't let him leave because it's attached to his butt. At least, the chicks get him to stand on his feet.

The red is definitely his color.

Well, this dude has definitely raised awareness for those seekers and he made himself available by wearing that slinky red spandex brief. It has a cute pink heart on his butt and it definitely snatches your eyes. At the end of the day, this guy will definitely have numbers lining up on his phone awaiting for a beep. Unless, of course that he's actually gay and that will break a lot of hearts.

You have to know the dog's territory.

Summer is almost over and some of us are sad that it is. If only time would stop and if only it could be summer all year. We will definitely miss the sand, the sea, the volleyball, the sun, and what will be left is our tanned summer-kissed skin. Whatever the case is, people are always looking forward to that time of the year that they don't have to  think about their problems in life because they let the waves crash them down. However, despite of the fun that we had this summer, some of us just had too much fun, either intentionally or accidentally. And thanks to  these people, we could say that our summer vacation could fail us sometime.

Grandpa got robbed!!!

There is  this seagull who has been in the record of the police this summer for allegedly robbing things from people. They just did not have evidence to prove it. But, finally, this photo was captured when grandpa's cap was taken swiftly. I'll look out for this bird if I were you and make sure to secure your valuables while on the beach.

Uhm... Do they know what summer is for?

Well, if the majority of the population during summer wear bikinis and board shorts or nothing at all, this duo wears the exact opposite. They just wanted to try something different and well, it's obvious that they did not go to the beach to get a tan. So we are asking, what is their purpose exactly? I really don't know either but whatever it is, we all hope that they have as much fun as we did.

A one-piece that cost him nothing

When girls would spend so much money on perfect bikinis to show off during summer, this dude thought of something cost-effective. To try a one-piece in a store is surely humiliating for a guy so he decided to shave some chest hair and voila, a one piece that suited him perfectly. Isn't this something guys would like to try. Maybe they do and maybe they do not. But whatever, he's rocking that one-piece stint that he has the guts to show off.

This dog is definitely an attention seeker.

Well, it's your fault that you let your pup tag along. Now, you can't enjoy your sun because the emotionally affected dog is blocking those rays and you're there stuck in  the sand. Somebody please get that dog some food. But really, there are just days when your dog feels like having a hug and what you should do is give it to him before trapping yourself underneath that sand.

Fish out of water!!!

Well, this is a photo that you don't see everyday. Remember that movie when fishes learned how to walk on land? Well, this shark is definitely trying it out. Imagine if this was the case today, nobody would be out of their houses. It's like a sequel to the jaws movie. Well, we hope that this will not happen.

If you say so...

If you'll try to say "no," what the kids will understand is a "yes." So why bother putting up a sign which no one will follow. There are just things that kids don't understand at all when put on a board. These little headaches will definitely cause you a run for your money.

The peeping toms

This is not unusual at all. There are just those kids who's hobby during the summer is peeping through those changing cubicles in the beach. And these boys know more than you'll ever know. You may say that these boys might score more that the hunky men. You might even wish to be a boy again, but really, you are getting old and you're not scoring some points at all during this summer.

Taking a DUMP

The biggest dump you'll ever see in your life, right? But don't get icky now, that is just wet sand formed like poo. There are just people who wants to show off and summer would not be complete without these weird dudes trying to make summer a comedy. But, all we know is that they did a great job in forming this pile of sand like poo, somebody has definitely a future for pranking people.

Just trippin'

Running on the sand is everyone's hobby. It just feels good to submerge your feet in those tiny and fine particles. But what if it was your face who was submerged in the sand? Will it feel the same way as your feet feels underneath? I cannot answer that for you but I'm sure that this girl will. And no one has to be blamed but herself, she rested faced down.