15 Summer Bummer Beach Fails That Will Definitely Make Your Day

A one-piece that cost him nothing

When girls would spend so much money on perfect bikinis to show off during summer, this dude thought of something cost-effective. To try a one-piece in a store is surely humiliating for a guy so he decided to shave some chest hair and voila, a one piece that suited him perfectly. Isn't this something guys would like to try. Maybe they do and maybe they do not. But whatever, he's rocking that one-piece stint that he has the guts to show off.

This dog is definitely an attention seeker.

Well, it's your fault that you let your pup tag along. Now, you can't enjoy your sun because the emotionally affected dog is blocking those rays and you're there stuck in  the sand. Somebody please get that dog some food. But really, there are just days when your dog feels like having a hug and what you should do is give it to him before trapping yourself underneath that sand.