17 Extremely Funny And Adorable Animals That Are Just In Love With Windows

Animals have this amazing way to communicate. They never run out of tricks up their sleeves, especially in an attempt to surprise people and make them smile. One thing we can never explain is why they happen to be in love with windows. Yes, you have read that right -- in love with windows. These guys on this list are extremely adorable to look at too!

“Rain tastes nothing like dogs, pesky humans”, “like-wise”.

“Hmm.. I think I've licked this spot before”

“I swear it works! I saw that kid Harry Otter do it too!”

“Huh?” , “Hmm?”, “UUUGGHHRR”

“Kerret flava”


You think your pets love you? THINK AGAIN. Okay, maybe they do. But get this: there might actually be a fairly huge change that they don't love you as much as... The windows. In what seems to be a world wide phenomenon, animals – pets and wild alike – have started clinging their gooey tongues on windows! Can it be aliens? Or can it be something else? What is it? One things for sure, the animals look like they are enjoying a whole lot. Lol. Check out these animal window licking moments below and accept that you might only be number 2!

“Urgh, that rooks pretty grood”

“I thwear you thould thry thith”

“Just you... Ooh tasty!”

“My other face parts are too tired to smile so I just used the window”

“I keep it warm so it can be warm”

“Yes, I can be cute too!”

“We don't really care if our tongues get stuck.”

All up in your face.

“YESH! That is my tongue!”, “Raawr! Im a t-rex with fur!”

“They wouldn't give me water at the restaurant.“