21 Epic Fail Cardboard Signs

A life on the street is not a laughing matter. For whatever reason people find themselves without a place to sleep inside they use their creativity to come up with a solution. It is this same creativity that they make their "donation" signs. This is a list of the most entertaining and unique signs we could find.

where there's a will there's a way

We all want the same thing kid, we all want the same thing

obama and his change

We're sorry... we don't get binary


He has standards too

after the collapse of the financial crisis.....

Ah, right in the programmer feels!

silicon valley rent is getting insane

Ever since dying, Dumbledore hasn't been taking it well

dumbledore asks for a brew

Well, this kind of makes you rethink all of those 3D movies you've been seeing

sci fi soldier is out of a job

Well, you have give credit to a guy who refuses to lie


Well maybe you should've invested in something more useful!

poor financial planning, or good investment?

Look again. Did you read it right?