21 Epic Fail Cardboard Signs

A life on the street is not a laughing matter. For whatever reason people find themselves without a place to sleep inside they use their creativity to come up with a solution. It is this same creativity that they make their "donation" signs. This is a list of the most entertaining and unique signs we could find.

clever use of a handicap

Give the man some cash!

ninjas and kung fu

Same with us man

will eat for food

Atilla the Hungry

this mongol warrior has some self restraint

Well... challenge accepted!

life's a game

Yes, this is a "Your momma" joke right there

a classicly misspelled your mom joke

This is kind of depressing in a way

man listens to anything you say

We still need to see your whole face to judge if you're ugly or not

her smile's way too nice to be believable

Don't fall temptation!

darth vader goes fundraising

That number one reason though

where there's a will there's a way

We all want the same thing kid, we all want the same thing

obama and his change

We're sorry... we don't get binary


He has standards too

after the collapse of the financial crisis.....