25 Bizarre Japanese Halloween Costumes (Who Thought of these things?!)

Don’t you just love the Japanese? They always come up with some of the weirdest things ever! I mean, it was they who came up with weird hentai and a pillow for lonely men and women- which you can totally purchase online by the way. Their street fashion is crazy and I have a feeling the night life in Tokyo is phenomenal!

But since we’re for the hilarious costumes, we’re just going to show you some of the hilariously bizarre things that looks more terrifying than cute on Halloween’s night.

Happy Jester Costume

Who doesn't love a jester? Well, at least this one doesn't look like your ordinary jester costume. Literally, the Japanese sure have a way to keep things animated.

Batman's not so popular cousin costume

Batman apparently has cousin who lives in Japan! Who in the world is his cousin? Well, we don't know either. But apparently the Japanese do.

On Head Mascot... Mask?

Surely two things will come to your mind. First, you would say "ah maybe it was supposed to be the mask of the mascot". But then again, you go -- "maybe he just grabbed some kid's mask?" Well we don't know the answer really. But yeah, this one makes the list.

Happy Cake Costume!

Instead of causing fear and terror on Halloween, why not spread some cheer? Nothing that a happy cake costume can't do!

Sesame Street's Nightmare Mask!

Ever wonder how Gonzo and Grover would look if their faces were morphed together? Well, stop wondering because the Japanese have done just that!

We're not really sure what this is supposed to be, but it's a legit costume

Doesn't look like the traditional Japanese doll, right? But yes, this is a legit Halloween costume in Japan.

Cow Head Mask for those who love cows

Show everyone your MOOOves this Halloween. Be different, get to that party as a cow. Apparently, it's very popular in Japan.

Horse Businessman

Be a salesman on Halloween. Not just any kind, be a horse! And yeah, we're wondering if the business suit comes with the horse mask

Obama Mask

You too can look like Obama if you buy this wonderful (but very, very creepy) mask! Yup, the Japanese are really the pros at cosplay!

The Eyeball Head

Look at this eyeball head! Yeah, no exact way to describe this costume.

Look at those big pouty lips, though

Kissable lips -- that is something everyone wants, right? Have them big and really BIG!

The Japanese Ghost Lantern

Technically just a costume accessory... And yeah, apparently this is a supposedly seductive ghost, so bring in the sexy we say!

Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

You can dress up as whatever or whoever you want during Halloween. In Japan, Hey, at least you get your money's worth when Christmas rolls in!

Christmas Santa Hat

Like what we just said, be anything you want for Halloween. In Japan, Christmas-inspired costumes are a trend.

Hey, look it's a sleeping mask fit for creeping out the neighbors!

The boy devil himself is also a classic. But the bigger question is -- if there are googly eyes on this mask, how does the person wearing it actually see?

The Female Human

This costume is called, "Female Human". We want you to think long and hard about this costume. We already gave up in trying to explain the logic behind this get-up.

Party Rangers

These are the party rangers! They may not be able to save the day but they can play a mean beer pong!

We're not sure, spider pirates?

Hmmm something between a ninja, a pirate, and spiderman. So this means this one is perfect for those who can't decide if they want to be a ninja, a pirate, or a superhero.

Eyeball Mask Version #2

Japan has a fascination for eyeballs, don't they?


You want to be a Zentai for no absolute reason except it looks cool?

We can't even explain what this is

By all means, please feel free to figure this out. It seems like one of those costumes that's meant to drive your imagination wild!

Oh my god, it's a snake!

Be sure to crawl or wiggle your way into the party too to really pull off the costume.

Smurf - Japanese Smurf!

If you order a Smurf costume from Japan, then yes it's going to be in a Zentai suit. It looks like this too.

The Japanese Cop

Come as a Japanese Cop. Everything looks better when it comes in a Zentai Suit

I bet you thought we were going to post another zentai suit right?

Arrive as a swan to the party. Errr wait, more like wearing just the swan.