Happy Cake Costume!

Instead of causing fear and terror on Halloween, why not spread some cheer? Nothing that a happy cake costume can't do!

Sesame Street's Nightmare Mask!

Ever wonder how Gonzo and Grover would look if their faces were morphed together? Well, stop wondering because the Japanese have done just that!

We're not really sure what this is supposed to be, but it's a legit costume

Doesn't look like the traditional Japanese doll, right? But yes, this is a legit Halloween costume in Japan.

Cow Head Mask for those who love cows

Show everyone your MOOOves this Halloween. Be different, get to that party as a cow. Apparently, it's very popular in Japan.

Horse Businessman

Be a salesman on Halloween. Not just any kind, be a horse! And yeah, we're wondering if the business suit comes with the horse mask

Obama Mask

You too can look like Obama if you buy this wonderful (but very, very creepy) mask! Yup, the Japanese are really the pros at cosplay!