35 Most Dangerous Places to go skinny dipping

St. Lucie, Florida

Florida may be a place of sunshine, but the waters are anything but cheery.  In fact, the area itself has been reported to have experienced at least 30 shark attacks.  That's more than anyone could ever handle.  Therefore, if you want to relive that infamous scene from "Jaws" in real life, go right ahead.  We won't stop you.  

Alter do Chao

Hanakapiai Beach

The Red Triangle, California


Maybe you’re one of those folks who love to go on a swim.  You might even feel a bit more adventurous at times and just go skinny dipping.  However, do be careful of which body of water you’re thinking about swimming in.  For all you know, it may cost you your health and, possibly, your life.

Bikini Atoll

Ocean Beach Park

Praia de Boa Viegem, Brazil

Venice Public Beach

Charleston County, Florida

Zipolite Beach