35 Most Dangerous Places to go skinny dipping

Nyriragongo Crater Lake

Yenisei River

Fraser Island,  Australia

Located off the southern coast of Queensland, this area may have beautiful looks.  Yet, don't go into the waters.  You just might get stung by jellyfish, along with the possibility of shark attacks.  The rip tide's currents are also pretty strong.  If you've managed to make it safe out of the waters, be aware that there are spiders, dingoes and crocodiles waiting inland.


The Strid

Horseshoe Lake

Reunion Island

Reunion Island is located in the Indian Ocean, approximately a hundred forty miles away from Mauritius.  It truly is an exotic place, and there are many people who enjoy surfing here.  However, Reunion has had 20 shark attacks leading to seven deaths since 2011.  Still looking to surf here? Think twice.

Cape Town

Cable Beach

Bubbly Creek