35 Most Dangerous Places to go skinny dipping


Maybe you’re one of those folks who love to go on a swim.  You might even feel a bit more adventurous at times and just go skinny dipping.  However, do be careful of which body of water you’re thinking about swimming in.  For all you know, it may cost you your health and, possibly, your life.

Bikini Atoll

Ocean Beach Park

Praia de Boa Viegem, Brazil

Venice Public Beach

Charleston County, Florida

Zipolite Beach

Kipu Falls

Laguna Caliente

Gansbai, South Africa

Gansbai is simply recognized as the territory of the great white sharks.  While there are 60,000 fur seals which are just all too cute to look at and interact with, they are essentially pray for the carnivorous creatures of the sea.  If you like your fair share of danger, make sure that you go deep underwater inside a shark proof cage.

Shenzhen, China


Horry County

We've already included Myrtle Beach in this list, though we also have to give credit to the entire Horry County of South Carolina.  It's not just in that specific area where you'll find danger lurking about in the waters, but practically everywhere.  The entire county is rife with reports of shark attacks.  Definitely not a place we plan to visit anytime soon.