5 Big ERP Software Solutions for Small Businesses

When picking a resource planning software package, you’ll need a sharp eye. Understandably, ERP software doesn’t come cheap. That doesn’t, however, mean it’s limiting in features. An ERP software option should be selected with care, and it should be capable of managing major functions. Today, big-hitting products like Oracle and SAP are go-to selections for decision makers seeking total control. Because these mainstream selections serve big businesses, however, smaller businesses might be left in the dust, comprehension-wise. Not every brand requires multi-layered support. For most small businesses, Oracle and SAP are overkill.

That said, you needn’t limit your options. Sure, SAP and Oracle might require weeks—even months—of coursework to understand, but a few alternatives weed out the complex options while keeping things simple. Your business might not have the same requirements of a multi-industry colossal, but it still deserves effective tools. Check out the best ERP software options we’ve compiled below, and take advantage of their great scalability across small businesses.

Option One: Compiere

Compiere, provider of open-source ERP options, has been adopted by big-industry powerhouses like Specsavers. It’s also being used by Amazon Web Services in cloud format. A lot of industry gurus have turned to Compiere for its cloud-based options. While ERP will probably avoid a wholesale cloud transition, a lot of major ERP systems used as big-time, homogenous IT systems are slowly adopting cloud-based delivery. It’s hard to license and deploy big ERP systems into the cloud. The cloud is, however, slowly moving out of its niche.

Option Two: Odoo

As you focus on ERP integration, you should take time in gauging compliancy. While Oracle and SAP are ERP powerhouses, smaller providers might serve your brand’s niche more effectively. Take your time, comprehend the benefits and select a solution tailored to your needs. When ERP is considered, functionality should be prioritized over form. Your business team deserves total control, and your brand needs to grow with accessibility. Take note, take charge and take advantage of today’s latest, greatest ERP solutions.

NetSuite ERP gives users a state-of-the-art user interface, multi-functional processing and incredible navigation tools. A lot of small business owners have adopted NetSuite ERP to boost in-house compliance. In fact, many financial institutions have boosted in-house productivity with NetSuite ERP. Its integrated features, add-on apps and incredible functionality make it a powerful contender. While NetSuite ERP mostly caters to small businesses, it still holds its own in the midrange market. The product has grown quickly, and industry professionals are watching it closely.

Modern small and medium-sized businesses thrive on mobile. For this reason, ERP providers like Odoo are taking the industry by storm. Odoo guarantees both online and mobile solutions for small businesses. Each solution can be molded to serve various industries, and each software option may be engaged remotely via Odoo’s customizable mobile Android suite. Previously known as OpenERP, Odoo’s open-source Business Application Suite is a perfect fit for small business operators wanting to make a big splash.

Option Three: EnterpriseIQ

EnterpriseIQ offers an ironclad digital environment for users, facilitating online, premise and mobile control. Another wonder across small businesses, EnterpriseIQ is being adopted quickly but numerous businesses. Again, mobile control is a driving point. EnterpriseIQ can be accessed anywhere, and it can be operated on Android and iOS. In the ever-expanding workplace, EnterpriseIQ dominates. Its reliable, real-time ERP software angle is innovative, and it guarantees the agile functionality manufacturers need. Moreover, it can be developed easily. It surpasses SAP in flexibility, making it a popular choice for in-house solutions among small business owners.

Option Four: Openbravo

The commercial, open-source provider Openbravo is another small business favorite. The world-leading company might be big, but it caters to smaller entities intent upon making a splash. Many of today’s fast-changing retail outlets have adopted Openbravo, and businesses have transformed entire physical channels into augmented buying experiences. Offering extendible commerce sustainability, Openbravo’s mobile-enabled, could-ready platform enables a high focus on business differentiation. Really, any small business intent upon putting its roots down for good should invest in Openbravo. It’s a powerful solution kit for next-phase business development.

Option Five: NetSuite ERP