This Wild Ride Of A Catfish Story Will Both Shatter And Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Being catfished is arguably one of the worst experiences that an online dater can go through. However, this woman's heartbreaking experience met a surprisingly happy end!

Catfishing is one of the cruelest forms of harassment on the internet. Posing as an alternate identity for one's own gain is incredibly manipulative. Most times, the victims of catfishing end up losing out and heartbroken once they discover the truth. However, this woman met a surprising fate at the end of a terrible catfishing experience!

Emma Perrier: Looking For Love Online

At 35 years old with an intense work schedule, Emma Perrier, a West London restaurant manager, struggled with starting a relationship. She decided to try her hand at online dating. Soon, she stumbled across Ronaldo "Ronnie" Scicluna. He was slender, handsome, and immediately showered Emma with affection. He was the perfect man...perhaps, a little too perfect.

Ronaldo Scicluna: The Textbook Perfect Man

Ronnie and Emma began to chat every day, both through texts and calls. They seemed to be sharing everything with one another, from their personal lives to their larger ambitions. Emma truly felt herself falling in love with the dreamy stranger! But as Emma grew closer to Ronnie, red flags started to pop up.

Ronnie's Concerning Behaviors: Avoiding Face-To-Face Connection

Emma begged to video chat or meet with Ronnie, but he came up with excuses to keep his distance. He called video chatting childish, and complained that his job kept him constantly traveling. However, Emma was desperate to hang onto their seemingly loving connection. Still, friends began to grow concerned for Emma's wellbeing.

Pushed To Pursue The Truth: Worried Friends And Family

While Emma refused to acknowledge the warning signs that Ronnie wasn't truthful about his identity, her friends did not. They encouraged her to look harder into Ronnie's background to make sure he was who he said he was. Reluctantly, Emma decided to upload his picture to the app, Reverse Image Search. Although Emma hoped nothing would turn up, her findings left her horrified.

A Horrifying Revelation: "Ronnie's" True Identity

Immediately, hundreds of pictures of a Turkish model named Adam Guzel rushed her screen. Emma couldn't believe that Ronnie had a secret life. When she texted him demanding the truth, he told her that Adam was his alias when he was a model. Ronnie sent Emma a blurry picture of himself to try to prove his identity. However, this quickly backfired on him!

Alan Stanley: The Cruel Catfisher's True Identity

After uploading the image to the same reverse-search app, Emma discovered the stranger's true identity: Alan Stanley. After browsing through his Twitter, she realized that her dreamy online boyfriend was actually a 50-something-year-old man. After confronting him twice, Alan finally revealed his true identity. Emma's heart was broken – but her love story wasn't over yet!

Alerting Adam Guzel: Preventing Future Heartbreak

Emma wanted to make certain that Alan couldn't con anyone else with Adam's identity. Emma tracked down Adam Guzel on Facebook to share Alan's cruel use of his identity and photographs with him. It turned out that Adam had experienced the issue before, and was incredibly grateful to Emma for bringing that incident to his attention. Adam, though, still felt heartbroken for Emma – and he knew he couldn't leave her to suffer.

Consoled By Adam: Meeting Her Real-Life "Ronnie"

Adam decided to Facetime with Emma to ease some of her pain. Emma immediately burst into tears when Adam's face popped onto her screen. That one video chat turned into many more, and eventually, the two had formed a strong bond in spite of the awful event which brought them together. Adam and Emma eventually decided to meet in person – and neither could believe how taken they were with one another.

Adam And Emma's Relationship: True Love From Terrible Circumstances

Emma struggled to adjust to Adam not being "Ronnie" at first. However, she has since fallen head-over-heels for the dreamy man behind Alan's false identity. While she's not sure where their relationship will take them, she is now grateful for the heartbreak Alan put her through. Without him, she never would have found the true love of her life!