Accident-Prone Man Is Hilariously Banned From Hotel For 17 Years

All of us suffer from circumstances now again that cause us embarrassment and grief. , Nick Burchill, a man from Nova Scotia, had the worst of luck when he visited The Empress Hotel in British Columbia. Accident after accident resulted in a lifetime ban hotel's premises, but that was all about to change.

In 2001, a young Nick Burchill traveled to British Columbia for a work conference. His old friends from the Navy had asked him to pick up a favorite snack: pepperoni from Brother's Meats. His suitcase was full of it, but the bag was misplaced at the airport. Luckily, the bag was found soon after, but Burchill had already moved into his room without a fridge.

Easy Window Solution

Since the conference was being held in April, the weather outside was cool. Since there wasn't a fridge, the best solution to keep the pepperoni cool was to put it by an open window. He pulled out the multiple packages wrapped in paper and plastic and put them on the windowsill. Burchill decided he'd go on a walk and left for several hours, which was a mistake.

Disaster Strikes

Several hours later, Burchill returned to a disaster. The smell of the meat had attracted 40 seagulls. Having birds in his room wasn't the worst part, seagulls don't digest pepperoni well. The havoc caused on their systems had filled the room with bird crap. Did you know seagulls drool? Burchill didn't until that day.

Dumb Birds To Boot

Of course, the birds and Burchill started to panic. All 40 birds tried to escape out the open window at once, throwing feathers and more bird crap everywhere. Burchill managed to reach another window and throw it open to allow more birds to escape. There were still two left, one sat on the windowsill trying to eat more meat and the other was in the middle of the room.

Accident At The Window

Thinking quickly, Burchill pulled off one of his shoes and threw it at the bird on the sill. Both went out the window. He chased the second gull around the room for awhile but couldn't catch it. Instead, he grabbed a towel and pounced on the thing. He threw the whole bundle out the window, which was also a mistake.

Tourist Mayhem!

The Empress Hotel held a special event called "High Tea", and many tourists attend. Unfortunately, the tourists were just filing into the hotel when they were assaulted by Burchill's shoe. Shortly after that, a huge seagull in a towel also came crashing into the group. The seagull couldn't fly away while it was wrapped in the towel, but after landing on the mass of people, it promptly flew away.

Crisis Of The Shoes

It was at this moment that Burchill realized he had an important dinner in just a few minutes. He decided he couldn't deal with the mess of his room right then. He closed the windows, popped out a side exit and found his shoe. Sadly, it was wet and looked different from his other shoe. Burchill wanted to make a good impression on his new company, so he decided to dry the shoe instead of wetting the other one.

Hindsight is 20/20

Later, Burchill would admit he should have just wetted down his other shoe, but he was in too much of a hurry to really think things through. Burchill's hotel room was equipped with a hairdryer, and he thought that would be the fastest way to fix his shoe. He stuck the hairdryer into the shoe and let it go. To his delight, it worked really well! The shoe started to turn back to its lighter color. Burchill set down the shoe with the hairdryer still in it on the bathroom counter to answer the phone.

Time To Go Dark

Next came accident number: too many. The hairdryer fell in the sink and cut the power. Burchill's dinner was too close to fix anything so he contacted the front desk to ask them to clean up his room. It was really starting to smell since the windows had been shut. Housekeeping showed up before he left, but he had to run out the door saying only, "I'm sorry."

Lessons Learned

No wonder he was banned for life! After 17 years, he finally gathered his courage and wrote to the hotel on Facebook. He publicly asked for a pardon from the events and took full responsibility. The next day, the manager of the hotel verbally gave him a full pardon. Burchill chocks up the manager's quick response to the pound of pepperoni he sent to the hotel as a peace offering.