This Apparently Bottomless Pit In Washington Could Have Magical Powers

There exists an allegedly 80,000-foot-deep hole with paranormal qualities in Washington which has many people scratching their heads. Here's what we know.

Mel's Hole, as it is affectionately called among fans, is named after Mel Waters. The man called into AM radio station Coast to Coast to talk about the 'bottomless pit' he found on his property in 1997. He piqued the interest of listeners by discussing the details with host Art Bell, pictured here.

Fishing for Answers

Waters recounted the story of the pit on his property near Ellensburg, Washington. The first red flag for listeners was its unbelievable depth as told by Waters. Apparently, he'd lowered a weighted fishing line into it, waiting to hit bottom. He used all 80,000 feet and it never went slack.

Old News

But news of this supposedly endless pit was nothing new for the indigenous tribes in the area. When Waters talked with them about it, they already knew. They had been referring to the hole as "the Devil's Hole" for years. Some even believed it was the work of aliens.

Dead Zone

Another bizarre trait of this mysterious hole is that there seem to be no living things nearby. Birds reportedly avoid flying directly over it. Waters noted that his own dogs refused to approach it, digging their paws into the ground in fear.

But that's not the only strange encounter a dog has had with the pit...

Back From The Dead

Many neighbors had the habit of throwing trash into the pit. So when a neighbor's dog died, he disposed of its body in the pit as well. A few days later, the man claimed to have seen his dog in the flesh, running through the nearby forest, wearing the same collar.

Unexplainable Phenomena

After his initial fishing-line depth test, Waters became curious about trying other tests on the hole. He once yelled into the hole, and instead of hearing the echo he expected, he heard only silence.

He also noticed that any time he approached the hole with a handheld radio, it began playing music that was popular decades ago.

A Sacrificial Sheep

Perhaps the eeriest story came from when Waters decided to lower a live sheep down the hole. When he pulled the sheep back up, it was dead.

Even weirder, a creature he described as a "fetal seal with human eyes" was in the sheep's stomach! He immediately threw it all back down the hole.

Leave And Don't Come Back

When returning to his property one day, Waters was allegedly met by U.S. agents who refused to let him enter. Waters said they eventually paid him $250,000 on the condition that he leave the country.

Upon returning from Australia years later, neighbors told him helicopters and black vans had guarded the property ever since.

Keeping It Under Wraps

The government has apparently gone to some length to keep this mystical hole a secret. A Youtuber searching for the hole on satellite image maps provided by TerraServer (a U.S. government entity) was not able to locate it.

Instead, where the hole should be, there were just two big, white squares.

A Hole To Mark History

Since 1997, Mel's Hole has been a topic of mystery and intrigue for fans of the paranormal and skeptics alike. Whether in person or online, it's likely that generations to come will continue to seek out the mystifying hole responsible for creating so many questions, be it truly supernatural or simply an urban legend.