You Are Going To Love The Breathtaking Home This Norwegian Family Built In The Arctic

A Norwegian couple had a dream of living in the Arctic with their four children. Considering the freezing weather conditions in the area, it seemed impossible. However, they were able to accomplish their goal, creating a beautiful and sustainable home for their family! Check out the amazing photos...

Benjamin Hjertefolger and his wife, Ingrid, were excited to live in the Arctic. However, they knew that they would have to come up with a unique home design to keep their family protected and eco-friendly. With the help of friends and neighbors, Benjamin was able to build a gorgeous, three-story cob house that provides the family with everything they need. Keep reading to see how this family survives in the Arctic dome they call home!

Under The Dome

The house is underneath a 49-foot-wide dome created with 360 glass panels. These panels help shield the Hjertefolgers from the crazy weather conditions outside during the winter season. The dome itself was created specifically by Solardome Industries for this purpose and has a lifespan of 100 years. There are also 11 windows built into the dome for any necessary ventilation.

Solar Power

In keeping with its environment-friendly design, this sustainable house is also completely powered by solar panels. This assists in powering lights, heat, and all other electrical products that the family needs. Of course, since the dome surrounding their home is made of glass panels, natural sunlight is able to get through during the day. However, outside of the sustainability, Ingrid is grateful for something else the house brings...

Nature House

Benjamin, Ingrid, and their kids moved to the Sandhornoya Island in northern Norway. It was there that Benjamin built their home, affectionately known as the Nature House. It took two years of designing and work, but the family was able to move in almost five years ago. The three-story home allows the family to live comfortably and even grow their own food. And you won't believe what the house is made out of...

An Outdoor Garden

The dome also covers an irrigated "outdoor" garden! Since the garden is protected by the glass panels, the family can grow their own food even in the winter. They are able to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other herbs for the dinner table. It's all a part of their commitment to the environment, something they take very seriously...

Heart Followers

Interestingly enough, the Hjertefolgers' family name means "heart followers." It's clear that they all stayed true to that name. With this home, they've been able to follow their hearts instead of convention. They live in a home that allows them to thrive while also remaining faithful to the lifestyle they've committed to. Plus, this house and their view is incredible!

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The family does indeed have clean running water and indoor plumbing in their beautiful home. However, they also live a completely eco-friendly lifestyle. Benjamin, Ingrid, and their kids compost all food scraps for fertilizer in their garden. They also use grey water from sinks and baths to water their plants.

A Place To Call Home

Though the greenhouse is certainly unique, the Hjertefolgers live pretty comfortably! The home has five decent-sized bedrooms for the family to sleep in. It also has a full kitchen, dining area, living room, and bathroom. There's even a rooftop terrace, complete with a hammock, for the family to look up at the sky. They are also able to grow their own food. Here's how...

Sense of Peace

Ingrid is forever grateful for the home her family has made. Not only does it allow them to break away from other people's expectations, but she experiences a strong sense of tranquility living there. "The house has a calmness; I can almost hear the stillness. It is hard to explain," the mother of four shared in an interview. "But it would have been impossible getting this feeling from a house someone else has planned and built for us." And her family echoes the sentiment...

On The Cob

The home itself is made of cob, a mixture of clay, timber, straw, and sand. The natural building material is not only cheap to buy, but it is fire-proof and earthquake resistant. Also, as long as it's kept dry, it will last forever! That makes for a pretty safe home for the Hjertefolgers. But what's even more amazing is what covers this greenhouse!