Children's Nurse Takes An Incredible Stand After Discovering Her Patient's Traumatic Background

A nurse at a children's hospital was used to working closely with young kids with illnesses and injuries. But, after meeting a young patient with a heartwrenching story, this woman couldn't help but become emotionally invested...

Thirty-year-old Jess Hamm works as a nurse in the ICU at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Though the young patients were absolutely adorable, Jess often had to sweep her emotions under the rug to properly care for them. However, one child would soon captivate her heart...

An Unusual Case

In March 2017, Jess was assigned to a new young patient that needed urgent care. A 14-month-old baby named Delilah was admitted to the hospital in really rough shape. The child had a skull fracture, broken femur, and a bad brain bleed, among other injuries. What could've happened to this precious baby girl?

A Tragic Background

Turns out that Delilah's injuries were no accident. She had been abused at the hands of her caregivers. The poor baby had been beaten and was extremely malnourished. At 14 months, she was only 11 pounds! And, unfortunately, she wasn't the only child mixed up in this crazy situation...

Sister, Sister

As Jess and other nurses treated Delilah, Jess discovered that the baby had a twin sister, Caroline. Caroline had, sadly, also been admitted to the hospital with some of the same injuries as Delilah. Though Jess never met Caroline in the hospital, both she and Delilah had the nurse's heart already!

Falling In Love

As each day passed, Jess became more and more enamored with Delilah. She couldn't bear to see Delilah or Caroline go through any more pain. So Jess placed a call to the Florida Department of Children and Families. She didn't want to just be a nurse to these adorable little ladies. She wanted to be a real mom to them! But would she get the chance?

A New Beginning

Jess passed along all of her information to the agency for review. A social worker actually came that same day to inspect her home and go through the appropriate channels. Jess must have been impressive because she was approved for custody shortly after. She was able to bring Caroline home, but Delilah still had a long road ahead at the hospital...

Health Scares

Sadly, Delilah was not out of the woods just yet. In fact, the baby needed surgery to correct the bleed in her brain. Jess didn't know if Delilah was even going to survive the dangerous surgery. It was a scary time for Jess as a provider for both girls. Even Caroline was still regaining her strength. But, thankfully, there was light at the end of the tunnel!

Significant Improvements

As Jess and nurses continue to treat and love on the twins, both got better, especially Delilah! The girls started to walk and talk and came out even stronger in spite of their traumatic past. Jess was happy to have them as a part of her life, but would they stay?

Part of the Family

The twins lived with Jess, but the road to adoption was still a ways off. It took several months for the proper protocol and paperwork to go through. However, the twins' adoption was finalized on Halloween 2017! Jess was so grateful to have her girls for good. But she couldn't keep this heartwarming story to herself...

Sharing Their Story

Jess had always wanted a family of her own and sees the girls as a major blessing. Tragedy truly turned to triumph in their case! So she regularly opens up on their family story to inspire others to adopt. Just like Delilah and Caroline, there are so many kids around the world in need of good homes. Hopefully, this new family is able to continue to motivate others to take them in!