Man's Death Ends Up Being Key To A Cold Case Mystery About Missing Husband

A man named Terry Symansky died in 1991, but he didn't let a little thing like that stop him -- he went on to get a pilot's license, a mortgage, and a new family, all in just a few years after his supposed death. Meanwhile, another family was searching for answers about their missing husband and father. You might think you see where we're headed here, but this story has more twists and turns than you realize!

The Typical Family... With A Twist


The Hoaglands seemed to be a typical Midwestern American family. Linda and Richard were a happily married couple with two young sons, Douglas and Matthew. Both parents worked, making enough money to take the family on extravagant vacations, but there was something amiss. The father, Richard, was beginning to change.

Richard Begins To Change


Richard had a secret, and the stress of hiding it was beginning to manifest itself. The family was very close-knit, but Richard began to isolate himself. While Linda and the kids spent quality time together, Richard would go to his room alone. Perhaps this foreshadowed his unbelievable next step.

Richard's Visit To The Emergency Room


Richard called Linda at work to say he was headed to the ER. He assured her that it was not serious enough to warrant her leaving early. After work, Linda picked up one son from daycare and was shocked to find that Richard had left her other son home alone.

Richard's Chilling Message


Over the course of two phone calls, Richard made the following statements: "I can't live this way anymore. I feel you would be better off without me. I don't want to go to jail. I'm never coming back." On February 10, 1993, Richard disappeared without a trace.

Where In The World Is Richard Hoagland?


Although he disappeared, Hoagland faithfully sent each of his sons a birthday card every year, and he even made intermittent phone calls to his wife. The calls and letters could be traced back to various countries, including Venezuela and Aruba, but Hoagland was eventually seen a lot closer to home.

Richard Settles Down


In Zephyrhills, Florida, Richard Hoagland got married and began to raise a second family. Meanwhile, his first wife Linda lost everything and was left drowning in debt. She was under ongoing criminal investigation because police suspected her involvement in Richard's disappearance. Did Hoagland really get away with his actions?