When This Couple Asked Their Best Friend To Carry Their Child, A Miracle Happened

Nicole and Kevin Barattini always dreamed of having a beautiful, loving family. Their wish to have a big family became a bit more complicated when their journey to conceive didn't go as planned. Find out how their rocky adventure turned out to be something more astonishing and beautiful than they ever expected.

Nicole and Kevin were married in 2010, shortly before they began their journey through parenthood. Married life was fun for them, but parenting two dogs just wasn't enough—they wanted to start a family. A couple of years after Nicole and Kevin got married, they decided to begin trying to conceive.

They Just Couldn't Do It Anymore

The couple then spent years trying to conceive with no luck. They had no idea why Nicole was having trouble getting pregnant. They were close to giving up on the idea of conceiving their own child when they realized they should go see a medical professional. Nicole and Kevin never expected to hear what they found out next.

Nicole's Haunting Past—And Their Heartbreaking News

When she was only sixteen, Nicole suffered from a rare blood disease called Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP)—a deadly illness that causes blood clots to form in small blood vessels. TTP almost claimed Nicole's life and resulted in many hospitalizations. Although she survived this horrible disease, doctors told her she shouldn't have a baby due to serious risks from the illness. Nicole and Kevin's options suddenly became limited, but they weren't ready to give up just yet.

Nicole's Dreams Were Crushed—But She Wasn't Ready To Give Up

Nicole was determined to have the family she always dreamed of. Despite what the doctors had told her, she weighed the possibility of having the child herself. Although she wanted to experience the beauty of pregnancy herself, ultimately she decided to listen to the doctor's orders. Since her TTP medication would be potentially harmful to the baby, Nicole and Kevin had some brainstorming to do. Read on to see the astonishing solution they came up with.

Could Adoption Be The Answer?

Nicole and Kevin's first thought was adoption. Although it wasn't necessarily their dream, they were content with the fact that they would at least have a baby to love and care for. Tragically, the couple couldn't afford the price of adoption. It was back to square one, and by no means was their journey getting any easier. In fact, what Nicole and Kevin found out next nearly destroyed their dream of having children altogether.

Would Their Struggle End With A Surrogate?

Their next option was surrogacy, but of course, things would not be smooth sailing for the couple just yet. Surrogacy is illegal where they lived—in New York—so the couple would need to find an out-of-state surrogacy. Just like before, the costs of hiring a surrogate from out-of-state was absolutely outrageous. The couple had one last option—finding someone to do it for free.

Their Apparent Last Hope Failed Too

Although Nicole didn't have any sisters or relatives able to be their surrogate, they luckily had many friends willing to help out. But of course, things were not going to be easy for the Barattini couple. As all odds had been against them before, none of their friends were eligible to be surrogates. Heartbroken, Nicole and Kevin were about ready to give up hope, that is until what seemed like a miracle happened.

The Surprise That Would Change Their Lives

Nicole and Kevin were out with friends of 20 years, Shawn and Lianna Fives, when they got the best news of their lives. Lianna made a surprise announcement that she wants to have another child—but it turns out not for herself. Lianna wanted to carry Nicole and Kevin's child. With fingers crossed, the next step was finding out if Lianna was an eligible surrogate for Nicole.

A Beautiful Pregnancy For All

Luckily, Lianna was a candidate for carrying Nicole and Kevin's child. Although Nicole never got to be pregnant, she and Kevin attended almost all the doctor's appointments with Lianna and her husband which made her feel even closer to the pregnancy. The pregnancy seemed to be smooth sailing so far, but would their good luck last? Or would their bad luck come back to haunt them? What they found out next was nothing short of a shock.

Nicole's Greatest And Final Surprise—Were They Ready For This?

At their first sonogram, the couples were surprised with an absolute miracle: Lianna was carrying twins! Nicole and Kevin were astonished; it was an absolute fortune because they had always dreamed of having a big family. The couple could not have been happier with this outcome, and to this day are grateful for all they have been through.

Although their journey was anything but smooth, Nicole and Kevin are so glad they stuck it through. Nicole said, "it's never the end of the road," and the hope and perseverance she carried with her throughout her story was the reason it all turned out so perfectly.

Nicole hopes her story can inspire other young women to never give up on their dream of having a family, even if things aren't going as planned.