Not Disabled In Positivity And Happiness


Most girls who grow up with Turner syndrome typically have normal brain function and intelligence. Unfortunately, Amy's case of Turner syndrome also played a detrimental role in her mental capabilities. Fortunately, it did not change Amy's positive disposition and general happiness. Amy did her best to live like anyone else.

Amy's Adult Life


When Amy turned 19, she did what any teen would do as they transition into adulthood. Amy found a place to live and a job bagging groceries at her local grocery store. With no driver's license, Amy rode her bike to and from work. Amy usually showed up to work on time, until one fateful day.

The Intense Investigation Into Amy's Disappearance


Amy missed her typical start time and her employers began to worry. They phoned her house to see if she had simply neglected to call in sick, but unfortunately, Amy was missing. The authorities were called and the investigation into her disappearance commenced. The entire town joined the search for the missing teen.

No Clues, No Witnesses, No Suspects...


Police investigators notified the media about Amy's disappearance. Alerts were sent out all over the region. Amy's parents, family, and friends were relentless in their search. There were no witnesses and no evidence. Just when all hope was thought to be lost, an unlikely source stepped forward with a shocking secret.

Two Prime Suspects


A young unnamed man spoke of his step-brother Michael who had admitted to recently killing someone. Michael Wayne Hall had also worked at the same grocery store as Amy. Hall was recently fired from the store, along with his friend, Robert Neville Jr., who had a repulsive criminal history as well.

A History Of Violence


Robert Neville Jr. was a known criminal. He had accumulated a long list of despicable crimes in his young life. Not only was he a violent person, but his repertoire also included cases of sexual misconduct and even cruelty to animals. After some questioning, the dark truth about what happened to Amy came to light.