Rare Twins Grow Up To Be Unrecognizable From Their Childhood

Having twins is rare enough for most people to bet against. In 2015, there were approximately 4 million live births in the United States. Of those live births, only about 3.25% resulted in twins. But, having twins as starkly different as Donna and Vince’s little girls? Well, that’s an entirely new level of improbability. But it happened. No doctor on Earth could have predicted a case of twins as rare, confounding, and touching as what we’re about to dive into.

Donna Aylmer was given the news she was pregnant with not just one, but two new additions to her already thriving family. Already set with three children, neither Donna nor Vince was discouraged by the prospect of a fourth and fifth mouth to feed. They were relieved to find out the pregnancy was healthy and coming along just as expected, as far as twin pregnancies go.

But outside the womb, these particular twins were destined to defy all expectations.

Is This Even Possible?

Can partners with different skin colors have children with different skin colors? The answer, Mr. And Mrs. Aylmer found out, was yes, it’s most definitely possible. However, it’s highly improbable.

Improbabilities aside, Donna and Vince were not especially concerned in the long-run with the rarity of their children’s appearance. They were concerned with raising two unique, lovely young girls who would one day grow to be unique, lovely young women. As the girls grew, their differences in appearance only became more evident.

Red Hair With Fair Skin, Dark Hair With Dark Skin

Twins, Lucy and Maria Aylmer, would have come from different eggs, as opposed to a single split egg. Thus, they would not have been identical twins. Donna Aylmer — now Donna Douglas — is of Jamaican descent, while her now ex-husband, Vince, is Caucasian. As such, Lucy was born with fair skin and red hair, while Maria has dark hair and dark skin.

Still Mom’s Little Girls

They were both the odd ones out among siblings, as their brothers and sisters had skin tones which sat somewhere between Lucy and Maria’s. Their mother Donna continued to dress them in matching clothes. But as their ages increased, Lucy and Maria began noticing how different they were in personality, not just in physical appearance.

After the age of seven, they refused to wear matching outfits. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of their conflicts as children.

Bullying Was A Problem

Maria hated her curly hair as a child, and Lucy recalls children taunting her, suggesting she’d been adopted. “They thought I was adopted and called me a ghost,” Lucy recalls. Though suffering an emotional childhood is never easy, the two toughed it out and didn’t let it stop them from growing into the people they were meant to be.

Also of interest, according to the twins, they share an unexplainable physical bond.

The Same Pain, In The Same Place, At The Same Time

Some twins speak in their own languages to one another, others claim to have mental telepathy. Lucy and Maria make no such claims. That said, they do both claim to have a significant physical connection. Both have gone on record stating they feel the same pains in the exact same parts of their body, at the exact same time.

As Adulthood Neared, Their Differences Became More Prominent

Lucy describes herself as shy and more reserved, while Maria is much more outgoing. Still the twins are extremely proud to have each other as sisters, even if they would only grow less and less similar as time passed. As teens, they thought they’d seen their differences blossom, but as adults, their physical differences became mind-blowing.

There Was No Mistaken Identity Antics To Worry About For Teachers

Unfortunately for Maria and Lucy, switching places was not an option. Lucy recalls a twin-perk they missed out on. “We were in the same class, but no one had a problem telling us apart. Twins are known for swapping identities. But there was no way Maria and I could ever do anything like that.”

But why worry about taking on the other’s identity when they each clearly had their own? We’re getting close to present-day Lucy and Maria, read on!

The Lawyer And The Artist

When it came time for college, their studies couldn’t have been more different. Lucy went on to study art and design, while Maria decided law would be a career path better suited for her aptitudes.

And now for the big reveal. Just how different are Lucy and Maria today?

Worlds Apart, But Still Sisters.

Today both sisters are in their early twenties. As is evident in the photo, Lucy much prefers a more edgy, punky style of dress. Maria, on the other hand, opts for more of a classic style. Both are still proud to have each other as a sister. Although they both say they weren’t especially close as children, as adults, the unlikely twins are closer than ever.