Shockingly Affordable Arizona Ranch Has A Terrifying Secret—Would You Buy It?

Everything about this ranch has potential buyers jumping up and down. Stardust Ranch located in Buckeye, Arizona is 3,500 square feet on a good-sized chunk of land, and just a quick drive away from the heart of Phoenix. So why is it listed for so cheap? Well, the ranch has had some visitors over the years, and not the kind that everyone can handle.

WestUSA Realty listed Stardust Ranch for only $5 million! Potential buyers could not believe that this 5-bedroom, 4-bath southwestern style home was so inexpensive!

Included in the listing was a horse ranch with half a dozen stables, a swimming pool, RV hookups and a beautiful gate and entrance enclosing the property.

The History Of The Ranch

When John Edmonds, former owner, first bought Stardust Ranch, he simultaneously founded an organization called Hopeful Hooves that took in senior horses who were survivors of abuse and gave them a loving home.

His neighbors soon had a nickname for his ranch, but it had nothing to do with the horses he rescued.

Alien Ranch

Those who live near Stardust Ranch have nicknamed it Alien Ranch for good reason. John Edmonds and his neighbors claim the ranch has been a hotspot for extraterrestrial activity for many years.

For Edmonds, these encounters have turned into bloody wars. He claims his ranch is riddled with graves of the aliens he's killed.

Blood In The Basement

Edmonds calls the aliens "greys." He says they're bald, grey humanoids just like you'd see on TV. He's had hundreds of encounters, but only a few have turned into full-on brawls.

He's captured 18 who refused to stop bothering his family. Those 18 were dragged into his basement and beheaded with his samurai sword. (You read that right.)

The Aliens Aren't The Only Ones With Battle Wounds

You might be skeptical. That blood on the basement floor could be from anything, right?

Except Edmonds has battle wounds as well, and nasty ones at that. His family has testified to those wounds and confirmed each and every story.

Edmonds has photos of himself heavily bruised, but nothing as compelling as the chunk taken out of his upper right calf.

And he wasn't the only victim in the family either.

Mrs. Edmonds Had A Special Encounter

Mrs. Edmonds (a skeptic herself) was sleeping one night when she started to feel a rumble. Could it be an earthquake? No. Alien invasion? Yes.

Mr. Edmonds wasn't in bed yet but ran into their room when she started screaming. He found her levitating above their bed, surrounded by three aliens.

He ran to grab his sword, but the aliens were gone when he returned. His wife was just fine.

Up, Up And Away!

At a different time, Mrs. Edmonds was floated from the hall to the yard, over the gate and out into the pasture before John was able to get a good shot at them with his AK-47.

Mrs. Edmonds body was dropped into the field. That's when she insisted they put their ranch up for sale.

So, what advice do the Edmonds offer prospective buyers to keep them from having these same encounters?

"Just Remember To Behead Them"

As you can imagine, Stardust Ranch was hard to sell because of the Edmonds' claims of encountering aliens, but they did show it quite a few times.

What was the advice the Edmonds gave to prospective buyers?

"When you encounter the aliens, behead them or they'll just disappear, only to return later."

That was probably enough to send the buyers on their way and leave the Edmonds without a deal.

So Where Is The Proof Then?

You might be willing to believe that the Edmonds really did encounter beings from another world, but if they were able to take captives, there has to be some proof, right?


John has a hidden burial ground on Stardust Ranch where the bodies of the aliens he's slain lie below wooden tombstones.

Stardust Ranch On Ghost Adventures

Stardust Ranch was featured on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel in spring of last year.

As you can imagine, it still hasn't been able to sell, but John and his wife have since moved on to Maine where they've started a new horse rescue program. They are finally able to live in peace and have had no further encounters with aliens.