Slow Computer Have You Bogged Down? Blame Your Antivirus Software

On the list of the worst things in the universe, a slow computer is somewhere at the top. An Internet connection that moves at a snail's pace or tabs that are constantly crashing is enough to make anyone go insane. Although you may think a virus or low-quality Wi-Fi is a culprit, the real reason behind your frustrations may throw you for a loop. Be prepared to rethink your computer's health.


You may be proactive in preventing any cyber attacks or criminals from accessing your computer's information, but antivirus may affect your computer's speed more than you realize.

The stats don't lie. The company AV-TEST is constantly rating all of the antivirus systems on the market, and findings show that these security programs can greatly affect PC efficiency. Numbers recorded in December of 2017 for Windows operating system reveal some shocking effects of antivirus software on overall speed and performance. The standard PC saw an average of an 11% decrease in speed while loading websites, a 4% slow down while downloading apps, and a 7% decrease in speed while copying files. Yikes.

Brand Makes A Difference


Not all antivirus software is created equal — especially when it comes to computer speed. Finding an effective program you can count on to keep your computer safe is important, but you don't want to be going in slow motion during a basic Internet search.

It doesn't hurt to shop around and find the best fit for your personal needs, whether you crave top-notch security or a more lax system. Want to make sure your PC is running at full capacity? Never have more than one antivirus software running at once. At the end of the day, practice safe Internet searching with the right equipment — while keeping performance in mind.