These Parents Trolling Their Kids Online Will Make You Literal-LOL

We're all for living your life, but just don't forget about the ones that brought you into it. Turns out, parents can be savage!

This New Balding Hairstyle Is Its Own Form Of Punishment


Starting off with the newest form of punishment: give your son a balding haircut when he misbehaves. This will surely teach him a lesson in respecting his elders. Or maybe it will teach him what it's like to be an elder... either way, it looks like he won't be misbehaving again for a while.

Take Away The Wifi Password And You Are King


Well, this is one way to get your kids to do their chores. Understand what motivates them and they'll walk the dog, clean their bedrooms, fold the laundry AND ask what else they can do to help around the house - just so you don't do the same thing again to them the next day!

Parents Get Creative When Kids Fight Over Video Games


We certainly wouldn't expect anything less from professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. When his kids fight over video games, he gets crafty. Doesn't look like his kid is having such a fun time being taped up to the wall... though with a taped-up mouth, it's hard to know for sure.

Who Wore It Better?


Twinning! This kid will think twice before posting ridiculous mirror selfies again. His dad borrowed his shirt, hat, and solemn pose for a photo op in the bathroom. But we can't help but think his dad did it better? It's almost as bad as the dad that did THIS to his daughter...

This Dad Flaunts The Latest Trend


Parents wearing the latest fashion trend - short shorts! After wandering around Walmart with her dad and his new fashion statement, we're willing to bet this girl never asked to wear short shorts again. She will be keeping those legs covered until the day she turns 18. Yoga pants, anyone?

Make Sure You Don't Leave Your Girlfriend's Sunglasses Lying Around


Savage! In the case of the mysterious glasses, these parents decided to leave a note for their son with three options. We're thinking number one, but realistically speaking it's probably number two. Also, we hope he didn't have to Google who Elton John is. That's its own form of embarrassment.