These People Flipped Their Crappy Situations Right On Their Heads

When life doesn't go your way, you can either complain or you can do something about it. These people are great examples of making the best of a bad situation and the results are awesome.

Tattooing Through The Pain


This person was born with webbed toes. There's no way to detach toes joined like this without risky surgery, but there's an easy way to turn them into something fun. So, they went with this wonderful tattoo. There are other funny ways to deal with the pain of life as you'll see in a moment.

When Your Finger Makes You Angry


We've all damaged a finger at some point, and it's really annoying since we use our fingers for everything. You can complain about it when it happens, or you can dress your finger up and make fun out of it. That's what this guy did, and we like it. Let's see how to make the most out of other people's pain.

Find Those Sorrows And Drown Them


If there are two more miserable words in our language than "bankruptcy" and "divorce" we don't know what they are. We also know that when we hear them, we could use a drink -- this clever liquor store owner knew it too. It's almost as great an idea as the one in our next image.

Confusing The Issue


Cracking a smartphone screen is a first-world problem, but it's still painful and it's still expensive. Instead of buying a new phone, sometimes it's better to find a screensaver that makes the most of the cracked screen. Like this meme-tastic one. Now, turn to the following item on our list and see another excellent concept.

A Novel Idea For Pain Management


We assume that this ingenious idea sprang from the fact that it's hard to hold your pint when you're walking on crutches. A drink is always nice to have but not at the expense of falling over, so this was the perfect compromise. Guinness all the time. And when he's finished he can use our next idea to dispose of the waste.

The Garbage Can Of Doom


If someone carelessly discards a lit cigarette and melts a hole in the side of your garbage can, don't throw it away. Simply take a pen and make the hole into a face. Then start using plastic can liners to stop the garbage can from leaking. If you like this, you're going to love the bite from the next one!