This Amazing, Heroic Dog Has Saved 52 Lives And You Will Fall In Love

When we think of the heroism of the emergency services, we normally think of the actions of people, but this dog in Mexico pulled off something extra special and everyone should know about it.

Meet Frida

heroic dog

In her downtime, Frida's an ordinary dog that likes a game of fetch and a cuddle from her master, just like any other canine. However, when Frida's called into action, she becomes something entirely different. She works as part of a team and their job is a matter of life and death. As you'll see, Frida's contribution is vital.

The Dogs Of War

heroic dog

Frida is one of a handful of dogs that are trained by and employed by the Mexican Navy (SEMAR). Yet, they are not designed to fight in combat (unsurprisingly, dogs are not the most useful of naval fighters) but rather to participate in a very different activity. One which saves lives. A lot of lives.

Search And Rescue Dog

heroic dog

Frida's job is to participate in search and rescue in the event that a natural disaster strikes Mexico. Sadly, for the developing nation, this is a more regular activity than you might have anticipated. Mexico is regularly hit by earthquakes, mudslides, and other cataclysmic natural events. It's Frida's job to make a challenging time less awful for the victims. She's very good at it as you'll discover.

The Main Duties Of Frida And Her Friends

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Frida and her other canine chums are tasked with finding people in amongst the wreckage caused by natural disasters. In some cases, these people will be alive and in desperate need of treatment. In more unfortunate cases, they will be beyond treatment, but they will still need to be retrieved so that their families can bury them. Frida's seen it all. Yet, she's always ready when needed.

Frida's Got The Gear For It

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Frida doesn't go out into danger completely unprotected. She wears protective goggles to keep her eyes safe, boots to prevent her from damaging her feet and even a harness to enable precise interaction with her handler. It was her look that attracted the attention of the Mexican press, but it was her heroism that kept it.

A Record Breaker

heroic dog

Frida is Mexico's most accomplished search and rescue dog. While nearly every dog has saved a life or two or identified a corpse, Frida has gone far beyond that and she has the thanks of a grateful nation now. Let's see just what Frida has done for Mexico.