2 Weeks After This Mom Gave Birth To Twins, She Heard Heavy Breathing Coming From The Babies’ Room

After bringing her newborn twins home from hospital, Casey Hurst laid them down to sleep. When she heard a disturbing noise emanating from their room, though, Casey investigated and found that her babies’ breathing had become labored. And after she subsequently took them to the doctors, it was revealed that her boys were not as healthy as medical staff had previously believed.

Bryce and Baen Hurst had arrived into the world via cesarean section on March 3, 2011. Mom Casey knew to expect twins when the sonographer detected two separate heartbeats at the nine-week scan; after that measure, though, she would have no rigorous fetal testing.

“I didn’t want to know if there were problems before they came out,” Casey told The Chronicle in December 2011. “There were no problems [with the pregnancy] and all signs pointed to healthy babies.” In fact, the twins didn’t even spend time in the neonatal ICU at the EMH Medical Center in Elyria, Ohio.

After she had taken her sons home, though, Casey made that fateful discovery about their breathing. Still, doctors only believed that this was due to the hernias both boys had been born with. As a result, surgery was performed on the two-week-old babies, after which specialists had asserted that their health would improve.

Of course, Casey and her husband, Brian, kept a close eye on the boys during their first few weeks of life – not least because they had a feeling that their children’s problems weren’t over yet. “We didn’t know what it was,” Brian told The Chronicle. “We just knew that something wasn’t right. They were also slowly getting behind with their milestones.”

And unfortunately, things did indeed seem to gradually get worse. When Bryce was four weeks old, for example, Casey found blood in his diaper. One specialist believed, however, that it was simply due to an allergy to cow’s milk. And even more disturbingly, at the age of just six weeks, Baen suddenly began to suffocate. As Casey explained to The Chronicle, “He just turned blue on me.”

So, as the medical problems became more and more serious, Casey and Brian were referred to specialists at the Cleveland Clinic. They, however, suggested that Bryce and Baen may have a serious condition. Dr. Vickie Zurcher, the boys’ pediatric geneticist said, “[We] recognized that the Hurst brothers had a possible storage disorder at their first appointment, primarily based on the twins’ facial features.”