Wild Coincidences Caught On Camera You Won't Believe Are Real

Coincidence is a powerful force and we have proof. Let us show you the moments when the universe aligned to provide an instant so perfect that it seemed like destiny.

I'd Like To Make A Withdrawal Please


We wonder if the Australian Red Cross would get any volunteers if they knew they might be helping out vampires? After all, we give blood to save lives and not in order for it to enter the food chain. This is possibly one of the spookiest examples on our list but it's certainly not the funniest as you'll see next.

Sesame Street's Team Players


These guys probably had no idea that they were going to be advertising a children's TV show at the bar that night. We love the Cookie Monster, though, and we think he'd approve of this hilarious moment of coincidence. Oscar the Grouch, however, would probably like our following image more.

The Ultimate In False Advertising


It's a bad idea to write "We Fit" on the side of your trucks and then drive them under low hanging bridges. It turns out their big company slogan is actually fake advertising in this beautiful moment of irony. Oh well, at least it's not as abrupt as our next photo.

Jim Morrison's Favorite Parking Spot


The Doors brought us many wonderful tunes but possibly the best of them all was The End. We assume that these two cars are parked in tribute to that classic rock song. Either that or they're passing judgment on the person's career which sparked our next insane image.

Are You Talking To Our Mom?


Mom jokes are bad form unless told between the closest of friends or siblings. So, we have no idea why someone would decide that cucumbers were "Perfect for Mother's Day" as they did here. Fistfights have broken out over less. Though this concept may not be as offensive as our next image's theme.

When Two Brand Identities Collide


First, you have Halls, a relaxing cure for a sore throat. Then, you have a shelf full of condoms. Finally, you have a Halls advertisement that says "Get your throat game - ready." That's too much for our virgin eyes. It makes us want to just cover our face and disappear like the star of this next image.