Woman Loses Thousands Of Dollars In Terrifying Scam

It should come as no surprise that money scams are a real threat and can happen to anyone. One elderly woman found out just how real that threat was when she was recently scammed out of thousands of dollars in this terrifying scam.


A woman in her late 70's reported being scammed out of $8,000-10,000 after receiving a call from who she thought was Publisher's Clearing House. She was told she won a $1 million jackpot but instead ended up losing a large sum of money. After receiving several calls, the woman gave the last five digits of her social security number and the name of her bank to the caller, whom she said had a foreign accent. From there, she opened a new account so the money could be transferred.

The Investigation Police are still investigating the details of the case, but the woman reported opening a savings account and making several deposits at the request of the scammer. She was also told to send cash wrapped in phone books to various locations, to which she complied. It was only after her bank locked her account and notified her of suspicious activity that the woman called the police.

It Can Happen To Anyone


Telephone scams are common and no one is safe from the threat. Callers can be very convincing and know just how to manipulate victims into sharing personal information. Though many think the elderly are the most susceptible to this kind of fraud, that is no longer the case. Millennials are even reporting higher numbers of money scams than ever before.

How To Spot A Scam


If you receive a call from an unknown number and they request any personal information from you over the phone, it's likely a scam. Common themes are FBI investigations, a caller from the IRS, winning any kind of prize, and a family member needing help. If a caller requests you send money or open a new account, you should hang up immediately and report the call.