You Won't Believe How These Heroic Fishermen Saved Drowning Bear Cubs Abandoned By Their Mother

Even the most powerful creatures in nature sometimes find themselves in dangerous situations. When this mother bear and her two cubs started drowning, things seemed bleak for the trio. However, a few incredibly brave fishermen jumped in to save the day!

When you are out in nature, you have to be prepared for a variety of frightening, spontaneous, and wild situations. Most stories we hear involving bears and humans end in either attack or retreat. However, these fishermen had a heartwarming, compassionate response to this little family of bears in Russia.

Excellent Swimmers: The Brute Strength Of Brown Bears

Last fall, a mother brown bear and her two cubs set out to swim across Lake Vygozero in Northern Russia. Wild brown bears are notoriously excellent swimmers. It should have been an easy trek! However, several environmental factors soon began to work against them. Quickly, their simple swim turned deadly.

Brawl With Nature

The harsh climate of Northern Russia brings freezing temperatures in the fall and winter. Bears in these areas have thick fur to protect them from the cold. However, chilly water is another story. While the mama bear didn't have an issue keeping herself afloat, she forgot to consider how the cold water would affect her cubs. By the time she realized, she was forced to make an impossible decision for her own survival!

Failing To Float

It seems natural for the bear's parental instincts to kick in. However, the cub's mother soon realized how drastic the situation was. All three bears were growing more exhausted by the minute, trying to keep themselves afloat. While the mother tried to support her cubs, she was unable to hold them both up in the cold water. In a moment of desperation, she did the unthinkable.

Abandoning Her Motherly Instincts

Knowing that she couldn't save her cubs, the mother swam for shore. The baby bears continued to thrash helplessly in the tumultuous, freezing water. Without any help, the bear cubs had no chance of survival. Luckily, while most people would run from these wild creatures, two fishermen saw them drowning and knew they had to intervene!

A Glimmer Of Hope

As the terrified cubs grew weaker, a boat of Russian tourists came into view. The bears swam desperately towards the vessel, recognizing it was their final hope. The tourist grappled with the risk of being attacked by the feral animals. However, they knew that turning a blind eye would be inhumane. The group got to work on saving the cubs before it was too late!

A Heavy Challenge

By the time that the first cub reached the boat, they were exhausted. The bear linked its claws and teeth into the side of the vehicle as the fishermen tried to find a way to scoop them out. Eventually, they managed to lift the bear using a fishing net. They successfully pulled the tired animal into the boat! However, its sibling was still struggling.

A Second Rescue

The second bear was completely tuckered out. While the other cub had managed to help itself halfway in, its sibling needed much more help. The tourists had to encompass the entire creature in a net to pull it onto the vessel. Luckily, they were able to combine their strength to get the massive creature onboard. Still, getting them out of the water didn't guarantee their survival.

Hunting Down The Cubs Neglectful Mother

The tourists knew it was essential to get the cubs back to their mother. Though the mother abandoned the cubs in crisis, the fishermen had faith she would care for them on land. They sped their vessel towards the island that she had swum onto in search of her. They were scared that the mother would react poorly to their presence. Still, they were willing to take the risk to save the cubs.

Dropping The Kids Off

The little bears were too weak to climb out of the boat, so the fishermen carried them onto shore in search of their mom. However, they soon realized that their presence may have deterred her. They decided to leave the cubs in a safe place to wait for her and depart from the island themselves. Though the fishermen aren't sure what fate the cubs' mother met, their heroic actions gave the bears a second shot at life!