A Cat Lovers Paradise on Earth

Cats are loved by millions of people around the world because of their cuteness, elegance, and their classy lifestyle. People love how these furry little beings lovingly purr by their ears and how they curl up with you on the sofa or on the bed. They welcome you after a long tiring day by rubbing their cute faces on your legs. Who can ever resist such powerful charm from these felines?

Even in the ancient times, cats were given a lot of attention and care. For example, in ancient Egypt, the people worshipped cats because they believed that the goddess “Bastet” was a half-human and half-feline. They were respected in the ancient society of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians punished people who injured or killed a cat. Therefore, this just means that cats were really given importance during that time.

But right now, although there are millions of people who love and care for cats just like the ancient Egyptians, there have been numerous reports of animal abuse and cruelty towards cats. In the United States, it has been reported that the abuse towards cats ranked second in the most commonly abused animals. It is really saddening to find out that despite the cuteness and friendliness of these felines, people still manage to hurt them in a way that they do not deserve.

There have been commendable efforts to save and protect these cats. Pet lovers, particularly cat lovers, around the world have established numerous centers and shelters for these beloved animals. Many of these shelters have been successful in helping hundreds to thousands of cats by giving them food to eat, giving them a play to stay, giving them love and affection, and making sure that they are in a good condition until, finally, a deserving person would drop by and adopt them. These shelters have been their home until they find a new home and a new family that they will give them the love that they long deserved.

Although many people around the globe have the heart to love cats, not all people have the guts to actually keep them and care for them to the rest of their lives. It takes someone with great courage to rescue these cats from their abusive home and also it takes great patience to deal with them until they finally open up and be comfortable with their new home. Also, to take care of cats, you should consider the cost of its needs like food and medical checkups. Truly, it is never easy to care for animals but if a person is really determined to help, this should feel less than a burden but an act of love that one should fulfill.

Among all cat lovers in the world, we can say that there is one that truly stands out from the rest. Her love and dedication to cats is really unquestionable. She surpassed her own expectations and went beyond the limits just to save these beloved felines. This is Lynea Lattanzio, who proclaimed herself as the top of the “eccentric, crazy cat lovers” and shared her own home to cats of all kinds. Aside from sharing her home and properties with these cute and cuddly felines, she also dedicated her life to be a caring mother, friend, savior, and supporter of these furry cats. Surely, she has taken the title “cat lover” to a whole new level!

Lynea Lattanzio started as a veterinary technician in order to help treat animals without having too much cost. Around 1992, she started to adopt felines in her home. This resulted in the opening of “Cat House on the Kings” which now stands as California’s largest no-cage and no kill home and adoption center for felines. This became the shelter for over a thousand cats for years and it still now stands and continues as a sanctuary for these animals till now. It has literally become the safe haven or the paradise in Earth for these darling little furries.

Through the years that she has taken in cats, she said that she had 28,000 cats in the “Cat House on the Kings”. It is truly an amazing feat because not all people can take care of a thousand cats simultaneously. It sure takes a big heart and a busy hand to rescue and care for these felines. Truth to be told, the money that she used in building and continuing this mission came from her own pocket—her own money! Not all people can extend help to animals and more so to use the money you need for your own needs in order to support them. This is really a work of love. These cats were very lucky to have been found by a hardworking and supportive Lynea Lattanzio.

Lynea and her volunteers have wholeheartedly accepted the privilege and, at the same time, the challenge to take care of these furry friends. Lynea even gave up her 4200 square foot home to accommodate thousands of cats. She even said that she would rather entertain 800 cats than to have a man in her life. Her dedication and passion for this one-of-a-kind mission is really worth of awe and praise. According to her, it was not really her intention to adopt thousands of cats. At first, she was single and bought her 4200 square foot home. She did not really know what to do with her property until she taken in cats one by one. Now, her home offers its quarters and facilities like the pool, the garden, stove room, and benches for the felines that take shelter in the “Cat House on the Kings”. Truly, she helped these cats to rise up from their abusive home, welcomed them into a cat paradise, and gave them a new life to start anew.