A person with half a  brain... Is still a person, obviously.

Believe it or not, you can still live even if you have a portion of your brain removed. For people who experience seizures often or those who are epileptic, there's this surgical procedure called Hemispherectomy. What it is it? Well, half of the brain is removed or disabled to cure the problem.

Babies have big Craniums

The reason why babies have such huge craniums is that the brain was about as big as it would be now, in your age, that is. In case you're wondering what's a cranium, it's the "brain case" -- the part of the skull that encloses the brain.

Literally brain POWER

Amazing enough, this fact gives basis to what they say "brain power". But yeah, just don’t think of sticking a socket up your nostril or anything of the sort.

Brains Can't Resist Temptation

You can't blame yourself if you can't resist noticing food, someone attractive, or danger. It's obviously inherent and natural. So with that said -- time to hone those witty commenting skills, my friends.

You have thousands of thoughts -- everyday.

Time to ante up the mysterious aura and be as fascinating as possible so you will have a reason to say this during a conversation.

Fattest Organ

What about people who keep stating they only have 2% fat in their body? They are obviously wrong. You have more fat in your body than you think.