Animals Who Have Way More Instagram Followers Than You

Biddy, the hedgehog.

Are you really updated with the latest trend in the social media? Instagram is one of those sites where you can interact with other people by posting pictures and sharing them with family and friends. But wait, did you know that your pet could be the next Instagram sensation?! Check these animals whom you wish could be you because of their tons of followers. Their cuteness will make you say "awww" for the nth time! Aside from 644,000 followers on Instagram, this cutie-patotie continues to travel and explore the world. He has gone through all across America visiting all the forests, seascapes, beaches and deserts that his country has to offer. But sadly, our spiky lil’ buddy has passed away last March 1, 2015 at four years old. Biddy will be greatly missed for sure.

Chris P. Bacon, the Little Pig

Bacon was born with defective hind legs, that's why he's using a wheelchair for support. He's the first ever pig to use a wheelchair. Because of his disability, he became the star of "My Bionic Pet," a PBS Nature documentary show. This piggy is still looking forward to be friends with other people and add them to his 628 followers on Instagram.