Animals Who Have Way More Instagram Followers Than You

Lil Bub, the Cat

With this cat sticking out her cute little pink tongue, she licks those 732,000 followers hello! This American rescued cat has turned into a celebrity and even had its own documentary show called "Lil Bub & Friendz". She has been busy lately with media appearances, meet-and-greet in animal shelters, book signing and the like. Some of the proceeds from her fame and success were donated to animal shelters which helped them improve their facilities to cater stray dogs and cats, like Bub herself.

Boo and Buddy, the pomeranians.

These two bestfriends/brothers hang out together all the time and the two poms are like plushy toys. To show their thanks to their astonishing 580,000 followers, Boo and Buddy have decided to give back by posting a photo with a sign "Free the Children." They will help raise $1,000,000 for the programs that will empower young people to help children and communities in the developing world. Way to go, Boo and Buddy!