Animals Who Have Way More Instagram Followers Than You

Snoopy, the Cat

Awwww! Insert many hearts here. This burst of cuteness is being followed by 273,000 people, and why shouldn't they? This exotic short-hair is said to be the next Garfield that takes the social network by storm. Like Grumpy Cat, this feline from China is starting to capture the hearts of many people around the globe. Her favorite past time is playing, accessorizing, and posing for the camera.

Dusty, the bunny

It would not be complete without a cute and lovable rabbit in the list. Dusty is only starting with 1,657 Instagram followers. This Holland Lop bunny loves to play and his favorite treat is a banana. Dusty loves to dress-up for Halloween and Christmas. Once we get to pinch those chubby cheeks, we'll be overwhelmed with his fluffiness.