Snoopy, the Cat

Awwww! Insert many hearts here. This burst of cuteness is being followed by 273,000 people, and why shouldn't they? This exotic short-hair is said to be the next Garfield that takes the social network by storm. Like Grumpy Cat, this feline from China is starting to capture the hearts of many people around the globe. Her favorite past time is playing, accessorizing, and posing for the camera.

Dusty, the bunny

It would not be complete without a cute and lovable rabbit in the list. Dusty is only starting with 1,657 Instagram followers. This Holland Lop bunny loves to play and his favorite treat is a banana. Dusty loves to dress-up for Halloween and Christmas. Once we get to pinch those chubby cheeks, we'll be overwhelmed with his fluffiness.

Bubu, the chinchilla

Nope, that's not a rat. It's Bubu, the chinchilla from Singapore who never gets tired of doing the household chores and checks in with her 166,000 followers. If she ever has a free time, she also loves to host tea parties and drive her car around her owner's house. Bubu has been challenging the throne of feline species for the cutest animal on the planet.

Hamilton, the Hipster Cat

And now mustaches, really?! Well, that purr-fect mustache gets 207,000 followers on Instagram. Aside from grooming his mustache, he and his human are continuously helping animal shelters all around America. Thanks to his many followers, they are also continuing to promote cat adoption as Hamilton was an adopted kitty himself.

Venus, the two-faced cat

If you think your eyes are deceiving you, think again! Because of its unique two-faced look, this chimera cat has 363,000 followers on Instagram. Venus' features remain a mystery to cat experts. Some say that Venus might have two types of DNA that have been fused together creating that two-faced look. On one side, she has black fur and green eyes and the other side, orange fur and blue eyes. Venus' unique face is very rare and scientists are still exploring what' behind this cat's unusual face.

Sam, the cat who has eyebrows

Who would've thought that cats could have eyebrows too? Well, Sam does and because of his 162,000 followers, he could never stop worrying. This cat became an internet sensation because of those two black marks on his forehead. Sam was a rescue cat but fortunately, his owner found him and decided to make him an online profile in Instagram. He suddenly became a hit for that worried face of his.