What Happened To The Happy Days Cast?

The sitcom Happy Days captured our hearts and minds from 1974 to 1984. The series was so popular that even today the term “jumping a shark” is used for any TV series that has gone past its prime. The expression is a reference to Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli’s attempt to jump a shark in his leather jacket, which is widely viewed as the nail in the coffin for Happy Days. Happy Days remains in syndication to this very day, making it one of the longest running TV shows in syndication history. Where are the stars from this iconic show today? And which on-screen couple didn’t care for each other? You’re about to find out.

Ron Howard Then

If you’ve seen even just one episode of Happy Days, you caught a glimpse of Ron Howard’s character Richie Cunningham. He was the red-haired, freckled teen who was always trying to find a date.

Cunningham was an incredibly likable guy who always tried to do right by his family and friends — a common theme on the show.

Before Happy Days, Howard was already pretty famous for his role on The Andy Griffith Show where he played the equally adorable Opie Taylor.

Ron Howard Now

There are very few Hollywood directors who have reached the iconic status of Ron Howard.

Among some of his biggest films are Apollo 13, Cinderella Man, A Beautiful Mind, and The DaVinci Code, among many others. His daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, has followed in her dad’s footsteps, appearing in a ton of big films herself, including Jurassic World, The Help, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

The Voice on the Jukebox at Arnold’s

Popular ‘50s tunes were very expensive and hard to get clearance on for TV shows. For that reason, Potsie actor Anson Williams would often provide the voice for music coming through the jukebox at Arnold’s.

It was a fitting option considering his part on the show… he played a hopeful musician.

Henry Winkler Then

By far the biggest and most iconic star of Happy Days was “The Fonz,” who was played by the endearing Henry Winkler. He was the biker-looking dude with a heart of gold. He always tried to make sure his friends and family got the best out of life.

As previously mentioned, he also jumped a shark on a pair of waterskis. The ladies loved The Fonz, and America completely fell in love with him.

Henry Winkler Now

We didn’t see a lot of Henry Winkler on the acting side for years after Happy Days ended. That’s because he started the production company that created “MacGyver,” “Mr. Sunshine,” and other TV shows.

Years later he would resurface in a bunch of films with comedian Adam Sandler. His roles included characters in Little Nicky, Click, and The Waterboy.

More recently he appeared in popular TV shows that include Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, and Royal Pains. He has written an amazing 26 books.

Tom Bosley Then

He was the head of the household in the Cunningham family and the owner of Cunningham Hardware. Lovingly known as Mr. C, he was a middle-class guy who put his family first and kept with traditional family values. Nobody has thrown down such a good lecture to their kids since he did it on the show.