Cat Horoscope: What Your Feline Friend Says About You

Cats are the best, right? But all cats are different and differences in cats reflect the differences in owners. From the glamorous to the grungy, we have your horoscope based on which type of feline you have roaming about your home. Here are our top ten cat horoscopes!

The Proper Persian

The Proper Persian is a cat friend that says “Oh, you’re fancy. Huh?” about their owner. The Proper Persian is the cat you wish had opposable thumbs so that they could take selfies for you. You dress them up in a Hijab for the pun LOLs and you constantly take pictures of their permanent scowl to emphasize the idea that they don’t appreciate how much you spoil them. Of course they'll always respond by showing you how annoyed they are. You’re probably the type of person who will drink a glass of wine while reading Nietzsche and petting your Proper Persian. You’re a good cat mom and you will be very successful in life

Cat Food from the Bargain Store

This can mean 2 things. The first thing bargain cat food can mean is you feed a lot of strays. Your house is like the cat homeless shelter. Needy cats come to you for a free meal and go on there way. It pleases you to watch cats be grateful and not having to break the bank to be charitable to the animal world. The second thing it could mean is you don’t really want a cat. You were probably given this pet as a gift and probably don’t spend too much time or energy making sure the cat is well maintained. It’s very possible your cat is 2 years old but you bought them the kitten chow because it was a lot less expensive than the brand appropriate for his or her age group. The cat is probably walking around your house unneutered and has behavioral peeing issues that you’re not eager to deal with. You’re a lazy person and you really don’t want the responsibility of the pet so you do just the bare minimum for them if not less.