Cat Horoscope: What Your Feline Friend Says About You

Maine Coon

You got this animal because you originally wanted a horse but your landlord said it was against the lease you signed and that a horse would be a liability. Main Coons are the heaviest and biggest domesticated cats around. You are very unique and wanted a pet that was uniquely big but you didn’t want to be like everyone else and get a dog! You live for the moments that you can pose in a picture with your Maine Coon in both of your arms with a look on your face that says “check out how big my pet is!!!”. It’s very possible that you’re overcompensating for something.

Bombay Cats

You are very creative. You are so creative that your favorite day of the year is Friday the 13th. You’re misunderstood and beautiful and you saved this lovely little guy from the SPCA because you also recognized beauty and misunderstanding in him. You both want to be accepted and understood while maintaining the uniqueness of being the underdog. You have a personality that can’t be extrapolated from just looking at you because you require a ton of observation and deeper understanding for someone to form a solid opinion. Just like the black cat, you may be joyous and playful while also portraying a dark demeanor. Read more: