Cat Horoscope: What Your Feline Friend Says About You

Cats are the best, right? But all cats are different and differences in cats reflect the differences in owners. From the glamorous to the grungy, we have your horoscope based on which type of feline you have roaming about your home. Here are our top ten cat horoscopes!

Cats with blue eyes mean, “I love taking pictures for Instagram. I deliberately got this cat so I would have more social media content”. When you’re not busy taking pictures of yourself or of random fields of grass in your neighborhood, your source of sensory overload for all of your followers is your blue eyed cat. You particularly got one that looks cartoonishly “innocent”. You like the attention and make a point to show him or her off to all of your friends.

The Tortoise Shell Cat

This probably isn’t the only cat you own. I bet you have multiple cats running in and out of your house at once. He or she was probably a stray and you had some extra cat treats and wanted some extra attention from a furry critter. You probably aren’t married or have a significant other. Your Tortoise Shell Feline Friend is there along with many others to fill in the void that was created in your soul by some trauma or another.

Maine Coon

You got this animal because you originally wanted a horse but your landlord said it was against the lease you signed and that a horse would be a liability. Main Coons are the heaviest and biggest domesticated cats around. You are very unique and wanted a pet that was uniquely big but you didn’t want to be like everyone else and get a dog! You live for the moments that you can pose in a picture with your Maine Coon in both of your arms with a look on your face that says “check out how big my pet is!!!”. It’s very possible that you’re overcompensating for something.

Bombay Cats

You are very creative. You are so creative that your favorite day of the year is Friday the 13th. You’re misunderstood and beautiful and you saved this lovely little guy from the SPCA because you also recognized beauty and misunderstanding in him. You both want to be accepted and understood while maintaining the uniqueness of being the underdog. You have a personality that can’t be extrapolated from just looking at you because you require a ton of observation and deeper understanding for someone to form a solid opinion. Just like the black cat, you may be joyous and playful while also portraying a dark demeanor. Read more:


A Savannah cat means “I professionally avoided paying proper income taxes for the last decade” or “I enjoy gambling recreationally and am thinking about persuing it as a professional”. You have the means of spending approximately 5K on a pet to show off to the public. “Meow” wasn’t a good enough sound for you to hear from your feline friend because you prefer something much more royal like a “roar”. You probably hated the fact that most cats won’t cooperate with doing dog like activities so you didn’t want to settle for any regular cat. You take your Savannah on walks very regularly and have taught them tricks like fetching your glasses for you. You’re at the top of the domestic pet owner food chain. Congrats on your acquirement you high roller you!

Ginger Tabby

Having a ginger tabby means, “I hate Mondays”. Hopefully you didn’t name him Garfield. In the near future, I predict gastrointestinal problems with a side of constant food cravings, especially pizza and chickens. Try hopping on treadmill to avoid being made fun of in comic book strips and put your cat on a non gluten diet as well.

Grey Tabby

You found this cat on Craigslist to avoid tedious adoption fees. You got him as a kitten with the idea that you would raise him to be the biggest goofball ever. From taking him out in public with his head popping out of your bag or sweatshirt to dressing him up in festive clothing that was originally made for dogs, you want your cat to be the biggest social starlet. You enjoy cuddling at night and if its not with your significant other, you can count on him to jump to your side and start kneading you and purring. You totally enjoy this and insist to everybody else that you have the world’s most awesome cat.

Cats in Strollers

Rolling your cat around in a stroller means, “I really want to be a mom/dad!” At the animal hospital, your cat probably has a regular veterinarian that he or she sees. You get regular check ups on him or her and frame the letters you get from the hospital that say what a “good boy Fluffy was” during his visit attached to the disgustingly large veterinary bill that was incurred. You probably purchased health insurance for your cat because you plan on giving him or her the best care possible so they can remain your companion as long as possible. You have a definite emotional connection to the cat. The cat is a true member of your family while others in other households linger in the background. You will probably have a mental breakdown if your cat finally passes away.