Cat Horoscope: What Your Feline Friend Says About You

Cats with Blue Eyes

Cats with blue eyes mean, “I love taking pictures for Instagram. I deliberately got this cat so I would have more social media content”. When you’re not busy taking pictures of yourself or of random fields of grass in your neighborhood, your source of sensory overload for all of your followers is your blue eyed cat. You particularly got one that looks cartoonishly “innocent”. You like the attention and make a point to show him or her off to all of your friends.

The Tortoise Shell Cat

This probably isn’t the only cat you own. I bet you have multiple cats running in and out of your house at once. He or she was probably a stray and you had some extra cat treats and wanted some extra attention from a furry critter. You probably aren’t married or have a significant other. Your Tortoise Shell Feline Friend is there along with many others to fill in the void that was created in your soul by some trauma or another.